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Priestess of Finance & Prosperity Arts Presents

Shake Your Money Maker

Saturday, June 3rd 10 am – 5 pm including lunch

Go from stressed, struggling + uncertain to relaxed, thriving + confident

In this amazing group program you will learn to:

  • Increase your income by unlocking the secrets of personal finance.
  • Have fun managing your money so you can attract more.
  • Be clear about how much you make, how much you have, how much you need and how much you want.
  • Live with your means so you can live a debt free life.
  • Build savings to support your dreams.
  • Be confident and wise in your financial decisions.
  • Hold your value in savvy, successful ways so you confidently charge + earn what you need.

Say goodbye to wondering how you will pay your bills, feeling stressed about your finances, or questioning your ability to do meaningful work in the world!  You can be a Badass Money Makin’ Master, I will show you how.

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Meet Joetta

Joetta Marie Johnson is the Priestess of Finance. She partners with her clients to create extraordinary experiences of success with money. Joetta is a practical and gifted intuitive coach who helps entrepreneurial spirits overcome limiting beliefs and patterns with business, money and success. She has extensive education and experience in personal and entrepreneurial finance as an auditor, controller and financial analyst. She has also worked for Deloitte & Touche, one of the largest global accounting firms.