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Who she helps

The Priestess of Finance has helped people from all walks of life achieve money mastery, however she specializes in working with couples and entrepreneurial spirits who want to optimize their personal and business finances.  She uses unique processes to strengthen couple’s financial partnership and get on the same page with money.  Thus brings health and wealth to the partnership so money is not a barrier to the relationship thriving.

Because of Joetta’s extensive experience in business, she offers financial services to support entrepreneurs in ensuring that start up endeavors are well thought out and the numbers align with the vision.  As businesses grow and are ready to go to the next level, she can provide strategic guidance to enhance the financial systems and structures to support sustainable growth.


Meet Joetta

Joetta Marie Johnson is the Priestess of Finance. She partners with her clients to create extraordinary experiences of success with money. Joetta is a practical and gifted intuitive coach who helps entrepreneurial spirits overcome limiting beliefs and patterns with business, money and success. She has extensive education and experience in personal and entrepreneurial finance as an auditor, controller and financial analyst. She has also worked for Deloitte & Touche, one of the largest global accounting firms.