Are you ready to ignite, build, and solidify your financial partnership?

When you get on the same page and consciously choose to partner up in your financial life, you can join forces to realize your dreams and joint financial vision, drawing on each other’s gifts and talents.

Are you ready to create a financial partnership that’s rock solid and prosperous?

To enjoy a flow with money that’s clear, consistent, and abundant?

To experience money as a powerful fuel that supports your greatest dreams into being?

To see your finances reflect your relationship — rich, passionate, inspiring and connected?

Financial coaching couples
Financial coaching couples

Here is a common scenario with most couples that haven’t undergone a conscious initiation with money:

✗ You’re frustrated because you’re not on the same page with your romantic partner financially

✗ You fall into magical thinking because it’s too uncomfortable to look at your financial situation

✗ You have different types of spending patterns or priorities and have money conflicts as a result

✗ One of you is frugal while the other is a spender, which creates friction and misunderstandings in your relationship

✗ You have no clear financial vision or joint financial goals

✗ One of you is overly reliant on the other to handle the financial details or make the money

✗ One of you gets caught in impulsive or out-of-control spending

✗ You don’t know who should pay for what

✗ You don’t know how to be in partnership with the Laws of Nature, let alone each other, when it comes to money

✗ You feel lots of stress and anxiety about money, which has led to a loss of passion in the relationship

✗ Money conversations with your lover are uncomfortable, if you even have them

✗ You have no financial systems in place, and not enough savings or assets to feel secure with your money

✗ You want to generate a larger financial flow, but you don’t know how

If this is you — don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Most of us have received ZERO financial education growing up. As a matter of fact, most of us have received, directly and indirectly, many money beliefs from our parents, family, and society that just aren’t the truth. These limiting beliefs live in our unconscious mind, and hamper our capacity to earn, grow and manage money as an adult.

When we’re not equipped with the right knowledge, tools, and guidance, money can feel out of control, stressful, and just plain boring.

Imagine this! Two individuals who haven’t gone through a process of taking charge of their money, come together and attempt to build a thriving financial life (or even… to stay afloat).

It doesn’t work and then the relationship suffers greatly.

Financial coaching couples

However, that’s not the only way

When we have support to transform how our unconscious relates to money, and when we learn how to put in place effective money habits, a powerful financial vision, and most of all, an exciting approach with money that's fun, creative, and even magical — a new path becomes available with money.

As a couple, picture this:

✓ You have a powerful and inspiring financial vision you’re both excited about, and a clear plan to get there

✓ You’re clear on who does what and how to work together to accomplish your financial goals

✓ You’ve harnessed the gifts of the spender and the saver in the relationship

✓ Your finances reflect the depth and richness of your shared intimacy, connection, and partnership values

✓ You experience a sense of peace, stability, and inspiration when you think of what you’re creating together financially

✓ You know how to allocate money in a way that keeps the passion in the relationship alive and flourishing

✓ You’re able to stay on top of the money management in a way that feels clear, connected, and motivating

✓ You have money conversations without getting triggered; in fact, you find yourself activated, empowered, and inspired when you have them

✓ You now manifest income with ease and grace

✓ Your sex life is as rich and fulfilling as your financial flow

✓ Together, you actively create more and more security and abundance with money

✓ Your relationship feels more connected, passionate, and inspired than ever

✓ You’re looking forward to the future together while you enjoy each day of the life of prosperity, fun, and creativity you have created as a partnership!

Financial coaching couples

Money & Intimacy

Intimacy comes from connecting around topics where we feel vulnerable and sensitive.

Sex and money can be the toughest topics for couples to dive deep into without historical trigger points coming up. These rich topics can bring up shame, obligation, guilt, fear, anger, sadness or resentments just to name a few of the tumultuous feelings we all carry in those arenas.

Yet, what if discussing money and forging a common financial vision with your partner could create deeper levels of connection and intimacy when done in an artful way?

Because money can feel uncomfortable to talk about, there is a big opportunity to move into deeper intimacy — to step into unknown and uncomfortable territory together.

By having a neutral party, a financial mediator, who also brings you coaching support and insight, there is a bridge for you to discuss areas that feel difficult to address on your own.

Often, I help couples identify their commonalities, so they can craft a clear joint financial and life vision. And where they may differ, I help them honor their differences, and team up to support each other and the greater vision.

Coming from different lineages and money beliefs means that we may have totally different feelings or ways to communicate around money. Addressing these deeper money beliefs is key, as well as sharing your past money story with each other, which is often very healing for the partnership.

As your financial coach, I also help you identify who is the CEO and the CFO, and how to create a structure and clear plan to communicate around money, and take consistent, strategic action together to realize your financial goals and desired life experiences.

Lastly, money and sex have a powerful tie. Many times, financial issues or unspoken conflicts around money can hamper your sex life and intimacy. By moving through the money blocks and liberating your financial partnership, you will most likely re-ignite passion, purpose, and a deep sense of connection in every dimension of your relationship.


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Financial coaching couples

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What’s it like to work with me?

Financial coaching couples

Sessions where we talk about finances are no longer the procrastinated guilt-filled hour we both can’t wait to escape.

We’ve learned that money is simply energy and focus, and how we spend it is how we spend our life. The vision of our destination is now clear, so our choices to get there are clear.

Our cherished dreams – my childhood National Velvet fantasy of horse ownership; a family trip to Hawaii paid with cash; owning our home, remodeling our home, golf outings – have all become reality.


Financial coaching couples

It has impacted our relationship for the better, 100%.

Before working with Joetta, we had very separate experiences of money and did not share much about what was happening in our bank accounts. It felt like the very opposite of transparent! If there were conversations about money, they felt tense and slightly doubtful. There was also debt-ing and it felt like money was leaking through invisible holes.

Since our partnership with Joetta around our finances, we have more clarity around our current financial situation and also more vision around where we want to be. We have explored areas of our subconscious where we wanted to hoard money because of fear that we won't have enough.

Letting go has brought in more financial abundance and flow than we ever thought was possible. 

Some milestones for us are that we have reigned in the use of credit cards, are paying down debt and already have one card paid off, we bought a car, expanded our cat family, and are able to role-model conscious money spending with our kids.

None of this would have happened on our own and we are so grateful for the choices we have made and continue to make with all that we learn from Joetta!


Financial coaching couples

For the first 9 years of our relationship, my husband and I didn’t have a shared language to use to talk about money.

Having similar individual philosophies towards money got us pretty far, but whenever there was a question, we found we didn’t really understand where the other of us was coming from. When I began thinking of quitting my job, we really started having issues.

Joetta was recommended to me by a friend along with the description that she was more than a financial coach, that she would work with us to develop a financial framework that truly aligned with our short-term goals, our long-term vision, our personalities, and our personal history with money. She has delivered on that description and then some.

We’ve begun tracking what goes in and out in a way that is easy for our respective personalities to deal with, created a yearly budget that aligns with our intentions for where we want our money to go, and delved into some visioning work around achieving our goals and dreams.

Perhaps most significantly, my husband and I now have open, honest, and fruitful conversations about our finances that are incredibly empowering to us both.

Joetta is incredibly easy to talk to and her approach is both structured and intuitive. She has had an incredibly positive impact on our lives.


Financial coaching couples

Joetta is an integral part of our success because building a business is not for the faint of heart! Even more so when your partner in business is your partner in life. 

We know it makes a difference that we are coachable and courageous, so we can fully go into our growth edges.  It's really important to us that everyone on our team pushes for higher levels of success together.

Joetta has been a part of that team and for years she has helped us navigate business and personal growth along with celebrating the accomplishments.

She guides our financial education and business building processes and we get to learn by sometimes "failing forward". It has been our pleasure to work with her and we recommend Joetta to those who seek financial balance in life while building a thriving business.


Financial coaching couples

Joetta Johnson was a revelation.

She’ll be the first to tell you she’s not a therapist, but we told ourselves she gave us the best marital therapy we’ve ever had. Joetta helped us understand our relationship to money—getting it, spending it, and keeping it—in clarifying and deeply helpful ways, and how the way we thought about money affected our marriage.

Working with Joetta is, indeed, work. But the result for us has been a greater sense of control over our finances and our careers.


Financial coaching couples

The experience was invaluable for us as individuals and as a couple.

Through the process we uncovered hidden, subconscious paradigms that were preventing us from reaching our highest potential, and we have seen positive growth as a result since the program.

This undertaking also provided us with an invaluable opportunity, tested resources, and a framework to discuss and embark on making financial decisions as a partnership.

The immersion has made us a stronger couple and is helping us see more financial clarity and success.

We feel this experience has been one of the best investments we have made in our financial future.


Transform your life with money, together.