Financial liberation becomes real when you are committed to an extraordinary relationship with money.

Why go for anything less than extraordinary?

Being clear, confident and consistent with money is an extraordinary experience. Where hope, possibility and magic are real and the old ways with money begin to fall away and make way for something else beyond what has been known before. 

The process a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly is called Metamorphosis. It completely dissolves and its imaginal cells hold the vision of the butterfly. When the butterfly emerges from the cocoon it is liberated from its old form into an entirely different form of freedom and beauty.

The financial process of metamorphosis can resemble this for you with enough support to allow the old ways with money that don't work for you to die, and practice new ways of doing things that make you feel more alive with money. 

This can at first feel scary, like jumping off a cliff into a lake. But once the leap has been made, it becomes invigorating, inspiring and exciting for what is to come.

financial freedom

Joetta blends financial literacy, budgeting and visioning techniques with life coaching tools. This highly unique, custom-blended process makes for a rich, deep and powerful experience.

She takes her accounting & finance knowledge base from years spent in the corporate world, adds in effective personal finance techniques, mixes it with money mindshift principles and teaches daily, weekly and monthly practices that makes money fun and interesting.

She has worked with incredible spiritual and financial mentors over the past 20 years, which has given her an endless toolbox to support her clients' growth.

She is most passionate about getting to the root causes and conditions that hold people back from experiencing their financial potential.


TRUE WEALTH: Having the inner and outer resources to pursue a path that reflects one's deepest truth and fullest expression of purpose and passion.

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: The intentional and conscious allocation and management of resources, including money, as well as the inner and outer resources needed to live life with full expression, purpose, and fulfillment.


The Priestess of Finance works with clients in 3 ways:



  • In person in Santa Monica, CA

  • Over the phone and video

  • Via screen sharing technology


  • Monthly retainers dependent on the size of business and scope of projects

  • A balance of strategy and coaching sessions with financial management and analysis


  • Her online community of money wisdom warriors that are learning and practicing Practical Money Magic

  • Online eCourses teaching the principles of Practical Money Magic and The Money Wisdom System