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Join me for this powerful, inspiring and educational free webinar, where I will be sharing the unique keys to a successful financial partnership with your lover.

Single? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! I’ll also be addressing how you can prepare to meet your future partner and build an inner relationship with money based in harmony and abundance.

Who is this for?

Couples who are ready to build a passionate, abundant, rock-solid financial partnership, and singles preparing to meet their future partner.


Tuesday April 23 at 5:30 PM PCT, 8:30 EST — Mark your calendar now!
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Budgeting and debt resolution

If you’re in a relationship, is this you?

✗ You’re frustrated because you’re not on the same page with your romantic partner financially

✗ You fall into magical thinking because it’s too uncomfortable to look at your financial situation

✗ You have different types of spending patterns or priorities and have money conflicts as a result

✗ One of you is frugal while the other is a spender, which creates friction and misunderstandings in your relationship

✗ You have no clear financial vision or joint financial goals

✗ One of you is overly reliant on the other to handle the financial details or make the money

✗ One of you gets caught in impulsive or out-of-control spending

✗ You don’t know who should pay for what

✗ You don’t know how to be in partnership with the Laws of Nature, let alone each other, when it comes to money

✗ You feel lots of stress and anxiety about money, which has led to a loss of passion in the relationship

✗ Money conversations with your lover are uncomfortable, if you even have them

✗ You have no financial systems in place, and not enough savings or assets to feel secure with your money

✗ You want to generate a larger financial flow, but you don’t know how


If you’re single, does this sound familiar?


✗ Resistant or avoidant with money?

✗ Powerless in your relationship to money?

✗ Chaotic, overwhelmed, or confused with your finances?

✗ Teenage-like or immature in the way you handle money?

✗ Fearful about your financial future?


✗ Self-sabotaging money habits?

✗ No sense of your future with money?

✗ Shame about your financial circumstances?

Does money feel stressful and limiting?

Does money management feel dry and boring?


Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Most of us have received ZERO financial education growing up. As a matter of fact, most of us have received, directly and indirectly, many money beliefs from our parents, family, and society that just aren’t the truth. These limiting beliefs live in our unconscious mind, and hamper our capacity to earn, grow and manage money as an adult.

When we’re not equipped with the right knowledge, tools, and guidance, money can feel out of control, stressful, and just plain boring.

Imagine this! Two individuals who haven’t gone through a process of taking charge of their money, come together and attempt to build a thriving financial life (or even… to stay afloat).

It doesn’t work and then the relationship suffers greatly.

It’s possible for every single one of us who experiences money pain, to transform it into money pleasure. All we need is a clear roadmap, the right support, and the WILLINGNESS to open to a new way with money.

Are you in?

Financial freedom

Get ready to learn the keys of financial partnership!

We’ll cover:

  • Why uniting the practical + the magic is the secret to true, lasting wealth

  • Defining financial partnership for couples, and preparing to meet your future partner if you’re single

  • Identifying who is the CEO and who is the CFO in your relationship

  • The importance of an inspiring joint financial vision

  • Keys to having soulful money conversations

  • Identifying the value of your money archetype

  • What it takes to face and transform the money shadow

  • How to be in partnership with the Laws of Nature to open to a powerful financial flow

  • Setting up the right financial tools and habits to become a money master

Financial freedom

Can’t wait to see you there!

Financial partnership
Financial coach

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Conscious finance

Your financial mentor


Hi there! I'm Joetta Marie Johnson, the founder & CEO of Priestess of Finance.

I help committed couples + individuals create a successful inner and outer money architecture with fun and innovation.

I've been a highly successful financial coach for 12 years!

I have a solid background in personal and corporate finance, having worked as an accountant, controller, and financial analyst, in addition to being an auditor for Deloitte & Touche, one of the largest global accounting firms in the world.

What's unique and transformative about my work is the way I blend the practical aspect of finances (like budgeting and debt-resolution) with the magical — how to partner up with the cosmos to transform your inner money architecture and realize the prosperity you desire.

While I'm a savvy and seasoned financial mentor, I've also been initiated as a High Priestess. I've undergone many personal initiations in my heroine's journey with money, from a painful bankruptcy at 32 to finding the keys of financial mastery.

Today, I'm here to be your financial mentor and guide you on your path to reaching your full financial potential.

Mastering money can be fun, creative, and the adventure of a lifetime. Are you ready to say YES to the call to adventure?