NOT knowing how your unconscious mind relates to money is costing you MONEY!


A complimentary visualization from The Priestess of Finance to help you see clearly the money template your unconscious mind is holding onto, and install a new money template that instead brings you REAL financial growth!


Does money feel like it flows into your life in a powerful way or does it feel sparse?

Does it feel like a force that fuels your life experiences and purpose or does it feel like it limits you?


Money can be an incredible tool used to support you in your life's journey if it isn't blocked by patterns from the past.

These patterns live in the unconscious mind and if not understood can keep you impoverished and stuck.

Release them and you can create anew where freedom and flow are the norms.

Are you ready?

Financial Freedom

I have gone from $1M in debt to +$1M in assets. Joetta’s work is unlike any other. She is a master at her craft.

— Bodhi Freeman

I have seen a 300%(!!!) increase in my private practice income, AND my money skills in the areas of budgeting, forecasting, tracking and manifesting have sky-rocketed!

— Lesley Glenner

I came to this work with a huge mess both internally and externally. I can now say that the outcome of financial mastery is well on its way.

— Seth Braun

I have seen tremendous growth in my overall relationship to money. The number one piece that comes up for me is the clarity that I have now. Within three months, three of my top goals happened and then again and again, more unfolded.

— Sara Eddison

I have transformed my relationship with money from one of fear, avoidance, and thinking it was someone else’s job to deal with, to a relationship of empowerment – I know what I want my money for and I know how to handle it.

— Karin Wertheim

financial freedom

Hi! I'm the Priestess of Finance and I help entrepreneurial + freelance lifestylers create a money system where clarity, strategy & magic all coexist.

I teach you to attract, manage, and grow money--while having fun so you can learn the graceful balance of discretion + good fortune with money.
I have significant experience in accounting, financial analysis & business strategy along with personal finance. My clients become savvy and successful with money management so they can make the most of what they have — and attract even more financial success into their lives. 



In this visualization, here's what you will get:


✓ A clear representation of how your unconscious mind is relating to money
✓ A workbook explaining why this important to know and what you can do about it
✓ A new mental money template that will change the VISION you are holding with money
✓ Hope and inspiration for your financial future
✓ Practices to use the new money template in your life on a daily basis

financial abundance