Joetta Marie Johnson is the Priestess of Finance.

Financial Coach

She partners with you to create Practical Money Magic in both personal and business life.

She blends practical tools and techniques with effective money practices to help you achieve a kind of relationship with money that feels Meaningful. Unlike the boring old ways of learning about money, there is an element of Awe in learning how to do money in a new way. This new experience is infused with Grace and you notice more ease coming through for you. You learn to use your Imagination, envisioning new outcomes in your future with money with a lot less effort. Creativity then naturally begins to happen by freeing up old ideas about money so new ones can be born. This IS the beginning of money MAGIC.

This magic can translate into new options including higher income, more savings, lower debt and improved self-confidence.

About Joetta

Joetta has extensive education and experience in the financial world. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in business, with an emphasis in accounting, from Portland State University. She worked as an accountant, controller, and financial analyst, in addition to being an auditor for Deloitte & Touche, one of the largest global accounting firms in the world.

Joetta has a solid, practical background in corporate and personal finance. She has worked with a multitude of social entrepreneurs to develop business plans and financial forecasts. 

She has an incredible mentor that provides her with constant opportunities for growth, so she can continue to face her own money shadows and grow into her own potential.

And she has been initiated into mystery school traditions as an ordained High Priestess.

She is passionate about supporting entrepreneurial spirits to create thriving business models bridging finance, vision, and strategy with personal fulfillment and growth.

Joetta's Money Story

My own story with money is one that began with much hardship — my hero’s journey with money took me through a painful bankruptcy at age 32, despite the fact I was a successful corporate accountant in the world. I experienced serious doubt in my own self worth, because there was no clear understanding of why I faced these financial challenges. I struggled with a lot of shame, guilt, confusion and isolation. I didn't trust there was anyone I could speak to about what I was going through, for fear of being judged. I felt I had to uphold a certain image in the world that I had it all together. 

There were many trials and tribulations on my personal money path to financial transformation. I was challenged with compulsive overspending, getting into significant amounts of debt, no savings, resistance to looking at the money, and confusion about budgeting.  I had no shortage of desire, but it was misguided. Spending consumed me. I was trying to fill a void that lived inside of me that no amount of spending could fill. This was my money shadow rearing its head, trying to get my attention. Facing my money shadow was a humbling, yet liberating process!

I had to start from scratch and pick up the pieces of what felt like failure at the time in order to fully commit myself to overcoming these challenges—and find the keys of conscious personal finance. Gratefully, I've had amazing mentors who have helped me face my money demons, make radical improvements and find new ways to do money! I continues to get reflection and support so I can continue to upLevel my own relationship with money.

The lessons I've learned along the way are countless. What are some of these lessons?

  • The subconscious mind has a tremendous impact on the relationship with money and if things aren't working with money this is the first place to look.

  • Working with the dark side of money can be an exciting adventure, with the right perspective. It is like finding a treasure chest that has been hidden in plain sight.

  • There is a need to come to terms with the desperation to fill a void that can't be filled by spending money or even making money.

  • Each hero must face their own fears and avoidance of responsibility, so they can regain their integrity with money and create a life of abundance.

  • Having a budget will never resolve financial woes on its own, it is the underlying consciousness with money that has the power to change everything.

These lessons led me to create a unique version of financial coaching. Bringing the practical tools and techniques together with the magic of financial transformation. Countless clients have benefited from everything I've learned along the way.


financial freedom


Joetta's signature financial process, which she takes her clients through, has been refined over time to become an integral body of work around the relationship to money.

  • The Money Wisdom System™ is a comprehensive money system that includes visioning, intention setting, goal setting, budgeting, strategy and consistent practices. It has 3 essential phases: Money Mindshift, Money Management and Money Manifestation.


Joetta is a financial coach who is determined to help clients uncover and shift deep ingrained money patterns that sabotage financial success and teach practical financial literacy and budgeting tools that make a positive difference in people's financial lives.

Her clients learn the graceful balance of discretion + good fortune to build financial success and live abundantly. 

They become savvy and successful with money management so they can make the most of what they have — and attract even more into their lives.

She lives and works in Santa Monica, CA — and coaches clients throughout the world.