1-on-1 Daylong Financial Immersions

What is the Money Wisdom System?


The Money Wisdom System is a money technology to transform your mind, your financial management and your ability to make money, enabling you to live in a state of curiosity, awe and adventure with your money.


What does it take to have this kind of wisdom with money?


→ The COURAGE to look at your own money character defects with kindness and curiosity to see how your choices are affecting your success

→ Being READY to have new experiences with money beyond what has happened in the past with money

DIVING into where things are financially challenging, with the help of a mentor figure, to gain new understanding, perspective and mastery with the challenges

HOLDING a vision and possibility for financial freedom or mastery with money

WILLINGNESS to let go of what you believe about money and being open to new ways of doing it

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What does a 1-on-1 Daylong Financial Immersion include?


Daylong Financial Immersions are for you if you want a one-on-one, fun, focused immersion into money & finance, that's completely personalized. Chock-full of unique business and/or personal finance strategies and breakthroughs with transformational Financial Coaching support.

This program was created by Joetta for her coaching clients who want to do deep money work in a focused amount of time to address their specific challenges and get viable recommendations, proven strategies and tactics specific to their unique businesses or life.




Approximately 6 hours and includes a written implementation plan.

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Personal Finance Daylong Immersion

(can be customized)


➤  Of your money mindset, your financial potential, long & short term financial vision along with challenges and talents with money.


➤  Your money beliefs, your money habits, the money coming in and out, the current financial systems you have in place and how you are managing the money you have.


➤ Your money shadow, money hopes & money fears and financial dreams & goals.

Financial Architecture:

➤ Building savings & assets, decreasing and/or eliminating debt, planning for the short and long term future, learning about budgeting and reducing leaks in your money bucket.

Financial Wisdom: 

➤ Clarifying needs & desires, building financial clarity, learning financial literacy, taking the future self into account and establishing financial boundaries.

Financial Partnership:

➤ Roles and responsibilities, financial agreements, spenders vs. savers, creating shared financial vision and implementation. 

Financial Expansion:

➤ Of what you believe is possible, of your money mindset, of your income and assets, of your enjoyment with money.

Implementation Plan:

➤ This will be produced after the daylong retreat and have specific step by step implementation steps to address current challenges & move to the next financial level personally.

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Approximately 6 hours each day and includes a written business implementation plan.

Financial Coaching

Business Finance Daylong Immersion

(can be customized)

Current Reality:

➤ Identifying what is and isn’t working financially in the business. Understanding the environment, where the holes in the bucket are and the quickest route to resolution along with assessing what is holding you back from the next iteration of success.


➤ Creating a short term + long term business financial vision and breaking it down into Intentions, Goals and Strategy. Infusing it with meaning and depth.

Financial Architecture:

➤ Reviewing the financial systems, financial statements, accounting team and clarifying specific recommendations for making improvements.

Financial Projections:

➤ Mapping out financial projections based upon goals & intentions. Identifying key financial goals, revenue streams, profitability and margins. Connecting the business forecasting to personal financial forecasting, where appropriate.

Meet with the Team:

➤ Financial status update, roles and responsibilities, cash flow management and financial architecture implementation. (when and where appropriate)

Implementation Plan:

➤ This will be produced after the daylong retreat with specific step by step implementation steps to address current challenges & move to the next financial level.

Financial Coach
Financial Coaching

Why is this such an important investment?


If you don’t rewrite what is in the subconscious mind with money, you will continue to play out the same thoughts and patterns with money.

Implementing new financial ways of being combined with new financial systems and practices can give you entirely new outcomes.

A one degree shift can make all the difference in your financial world. This can translate into more consistent income, profitability, lower expenses, less debt, and more substantial accumulation of assets.

Over the course of your life, you should receive at least the amount invested in your daylong retreats each year, if not each month!

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Being on the adventure with money
is a process of self-discovery.

The more you are willing to look at yourself honestly and be truthful with yourself the more you will gain in this exploration.

By finding the courage to be on the edge of growth and master new territory, you activate that experience of magic, awe and wonder.

Financial Coaching
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I look forward to being your financial mentor for 1-on-1 Daylong Financial Immersions!

I hold the vision you of getting the most out of the experience so it more than pays for itself 10x’s over, but you need to prioritize and apply it in your life to make the most of it.

There is much more magic to be had in your financial world, are you ready to say YES to it?