Joetta has been a wealth of wisdom financially since I started working with her over 7 years ago!

If you are considering working with her please do not lose this opportunity to create a new path and succeed where you have failed or are stuck because what she brings to the table is deeper than any investor, fiduciary or coach I have worked with before!

— Ian Hollaman

Financial Coaching with The Priestess of Finance is for smart and savvy people like you who are ready to upLevel their finances.

Unlike other finance professionals and money courses, this type of financial immersion brings practical money mastery skills together with inspiration, fun and creativity.

Just having the practical nuts and bolts is not going to get you to a completely different experience with money, because it’s just information based. People have this idea — I just need a budget, and the budget will solve everything.

The solution comes from having a money mindshift along with implementing tangible money practices and habits that are consistent over time.  They go hand in hand. The Priestess of Finance doesn't just teach the practical because it’s limited in its success, she teaches you how to be in powerful relationship with money so it is dynamic and ever-evolving.

Practical Money Magic™:

are all the teachings The Priestess of Finance passes on to her clients.

The practical includes financial literacy, budgeting, income forecasting, cash flow management, setting up tracking systems and setting clear, definable goals.

The magic is you know, magic.

The intangible parts of a wisdom-based relationship to money — meaning, awe, grace, imagination and creativity are all inner experiences that are immeasurable in a tangible way, but contribute to having an amazing experience with money.

This Practical Money Magic™ is passed down to clients and students of the process so they can gain a new template for thinking about money and managing it too. This kind of relationship to money can bear many fruits, much like a personal relationship. Most people begin to notice less worry, less confusion, less struggle, less fear and a deeper sense of security and serenity. 

financial coaching

The Money Wisdom System™:

is the system Joetta takes clients through and has three pillars - Money Mindshift, Money Management and Money Manifest.

This system addresses mindset, financial management and increasing income and assets.

It includes a budgeting process that leverages vision, intention, goals, strategy and practice to help you find inspiration, freedom and confidence with money.

Financial Coaching differs from Financial Advising.

It is an immersion process that changes your life with money, instead of getting advice, going on your way and then trying to implement whatever the advisor tells you to do. For most clients, the advising approach doesn't work well on its own, because it does not help them feel empowered to make better and better choices and teach them new ways of doing things from an upgraded mindset.

Financial Coaching

The Priestess of Finance delivers her methodologies through both Personal Financial Coaching & Entrepreneurial Financial Coaching.

You can enter into this immersion process by going through the business or personal doorway, and signing up for either a "Money Wisdom Daylong Retreat" or the "Money Wisdom System - Level One" three month coaching package.

Financial Coaching Packages are tailored to your particular circumstances and intentions. 

Financial Coaching


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Money Wisdom System
for Personal Finance


  • Of your money mindset

  • Of your financial potential

  • Of your long and short term vision of life

  • Of your challenges and gifts with money


  • Your money beliefs

  • Your money habits

  • What money is coming in and what money is going out

  • How to better earn, save, invest, spend and give money


  • Your money shadow and how it sabotages your financial success

  • Your money hopes and fears

  • Your long-held emotions around money

  • Your dreams and goals and relationship to them

Practical Application

  • Implementing a successful spending plan

  • Increasing savings and getting out of debt

  • Planning for both the short-term and long-term

  • Financial literacy

  • Setting financial goals

  • Planning for life transitions


  • Using your intuition to making financial decisions

  • Prioritizing your needs and desires

  • Taking your future self into account when spending in the now

  • Knowing when to save versus when to spend

  • Having successful boundaries with yourself and others


  • Of what you believe is financially possible

  • Of your mind and how you talk to yourself

  • Of the amount of resources flowing into your life

  • Of life itself!


Money Wisdom System
for Entrepreneurial Finance

Personal & Professional Confidant

  • A sounding board to discuss the challenges you face in business as an entrepreneur and leader

  • Support for navigating the ever-changing financial landscape of business endeavors

  • A place to speak about the financial opportunities and challenges that constantly arise on the personal side of finance

Training & Oversight

  • Training for owners to learn successful analysis of their financial statements

  • Training bookkeeping staff to provide the best, most useful financial information to the owners, so they can make appropriate decisions based upon objective financial data

  • Overseeing bookkeepers to ensure things are accurately categorized, reconciled and timely

  • Training employees to have healthy relationships with money, so the company can maximize its financial potential

Financial Mastery

  • Overcoming financial limitations, bad money habits, destructive patterns with money and money beliefs that makes it challenging to achieve higher levels of financial success

  • Navigating uncertainty with inner strength & confidence

  • Maintaining balance and quality of life

Successful Financial Projections & Analysis

  • Revenue forecasting and expense budgeting for the short and long-term

  • Planning for transitions, expansions and financial contractions

  • Developing systems and strategies for managing A/R

  • Setting expense, cost of goods sold and profitability margin goals and implementing systems for tracking key ratios

Cash Flow Management & Growth

  • Understanding financial needs weekly, monthly & yearly

  • Planning debt and investor repayments

  • Determining the appropriate amount of pay for owners and employees

  • Understanding how profitability affects your bank balance and what the missing ingredients are

  • Setting up bonus structures or profit sharing models

  • Having a financial vision

Personal and Professional Liaison

  • Interfacing with CPA’s, bookkeepers, attorneys and financial planners so everything is consistent, aligned and strategic


I am ecstatic to report that I feel optimistic about my financial situation and my abilities to earn an income that makes me feel that I am in my integrity!

Through weekly accountability, deepening awareness about my money story + skill-building meetings with Joetta, I have seen a 300%(!!!) increase in my private practice income, AND my money skills in the areas of budgeting, forecasting, tracking and manifesting have sky-rocketed!

There is no way I could have come this far in a year without Joetta’s support. Her ability to listen, empower her clients and discern a corrective course of action is impeccable.

I highly recommend Joetta to anyone who has the requisite courage to transform their relationship with money.

— Lesley Glenner