A VIP Group Coaching Experience For Financial Mastery


a 3-month VIP group coaching experience for those of you who are ready to uplevel your financial life and re-design your inner and outer money architecture with the support of a high-level financial mastery mentor.

Do you feel…

✗ Resistant or avoidant with money?

✗ Powerless in your relationship to money?

✗ Chaotic, overwhelmed, or confused with your finances?

✗ Teenage-like or immature in the way you handle money?

✗ Fearful about your financial future?

Do you have…

✗ Self-sabotaging money habits?

✗ No sense of your future with money?

✗ Shame about your financial circumstances?

Does money feel stressful and limiting?

Does money management feel dry and boring?

Financial Freedom

Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Most of us have received ZERO financial education growing up. As a matter of fact, most of us have received, directly and indirectly, many money beliefs from our parents, family, and society that just aren’t the truth. These limiting beliefs live in our unconscious mind, and hamper our capacity to earn, grow and manage money as an adult.

When we’re not equipped with the right knowledge, tools, and guidance, money can feel out of control, stressful, and just plain boring.

Wondering if this group financial immersion is right for you?

Financial Group Coaching

However, that’s not the only way

When we have support to transform how our unconscious relates to money, and when we learn how to put in place effective money habits, a powerful financial vision, and most of all, an exciting approach with money that's fun, creative, and even magical — a new path becomes available with money.

What if you could feel...

✓ Responsible and healthy with money?

✓ Empowered, radiant, and confident in your relationship with money?

✓ Clear, grounded, and in charge of your finances?

✓ Intentional, aligned, and energized when it comes to managing your money?

✓ Abundant and secure about your financial future?

What if you could have...

✓ A clear trajectory to transform your money shadow into money wisdom?

✓ Supportive money habits that grow your financial flow?

✓ A clear financial vision, and a plan to get there?

What if money is a powerful force that can fuel the life experiences you desire?

What if managing your money can be fun, creative, and magical?

Financial Coaching

About the program:

The Practical Money Magic Financial Immersion is a VIP high-level group coaching experience that provides you every week with a live masterclass, group coaching, and in-depth lesson plans for you to learn the fundamentals of Practical Money Magic.

We address mindset, how to transform the way your unconscious mind relates to money, and how to craft and realize your financial vision, no matter where you are right now. We also learn and implement practical tools of financial management like creative budgeting, debt-resolution, setting up effective tracking systems, building up savings, how to achieve purpose-based income, and more.

What’s unique about this program is that we learn and apply both the MINDSET and the PRACTICAL TOOLS that create real, lasting financial success.

We approach the journey of money mastery as a fun, creative, and magical adventure, your very own hero’s journey where you will go from money novice to money master, and transform yourself and your financial life in the process.

The week-to-week model helps you stay steady, accountable, and committed to your shared vision and goals. Life can get busy, and the journey promises to have its ups and downs, requiring courage and commitment to see your vision through! I, as your financial mentor, will be here to support you all along.

Every week you get:

✓ A high-level financial mentor with over two decades of experience in personal and corporate finance.

✓ A solid curriculum with a clear trajectory to take you from confused, overwhelmed, or resistant with money, to clear, prosperous, and confident with money.

✓ Continuous support and accountability as you work your way to your financial goals.

✓ A masterclass where I teach you everything I know about money mastery, one step at a time. Each week we will focus on a unique topic you can implement in your life right away.

 Opportunities for Q&A where I answer your personal questions in real time.

Training modules, including inspiring course material and an insightful fun sheet to support your individual money journey.

The practical stuff:


  • The next 3-month cycle starts February 2020.

How Long:

  • This is a 3-month financial immersion.


  • Each week, for 12 weeks, you will be part of a live masterclass via video call, where you will have the opportunity to interact and ask questions. You will also receive supportive course material via PDF, and weekly homework (action steps and exercises!).


  • Individuals: The cost of the 3-month program is $1,500, to be paid all at once or in three installments of $555.

  • Couples: The cost of the 3-month program is $2,000 per couple, to be paid all at once or in three installments of $700.

What you’ll need:

  • Access to a computer or phone to access the video calls, and a minimum of 2 hours per week to invest in applying the course material.

Not sure if it’s the right for you?

Want to know what’s possible for you?

Through weekly accountability, deepening awareness about my money story and building up my money skills, I have seen a 300%(!!!) increase in my private practice income, AND my skills in the areas of budgeting, forecasting, tracking and manifesting have sky-rocketed!

There is no way I could have come this far in a year without Joetta’s support. Her ability to listen, empower her clients and discern a corrective course of action is impeccable.

I highly recommend Joetta to anyone who has the requisite courage to transform their relationship with money.



Sessions where we talk about finances are no longer the procrastinated guilt-filled hour we both can’t wait to escape.

We’ve learned that money is simply energy and focus, and how we spend it is how we spend our life. The vision of our destination is now clear, so our choices to get there are clear.

Our cherished dreams – my childhood National Velvet fantasy of horse ownership; a family trip to Hawaii paid with cash; owning our home, remodeling our home, golf outings – have all become reality.


Financial success

Not only did Joetta reorient my views around money and the energy of finances, but she helped me clear up long-held disempowering beliefs that were not working in my favor. I have not only seen my financial landscape change but additionally my inner landscape as well.

While going through a divorce I was overcome with fear about the future, anger over the past, and of course, my financial situation was completely up in the air.

Joetta helped me put all of this to rest, to change the story I had around money by removing the fear I had of it.



I can't recommend Joetta enough. She's worth every penny.

My income almost doubled and I'm not exaggerating.

— Tara

Financial Freedom

Your Practical Money Magic curriculum:

During your three month immersion, you’ll be taken through my signature financial process, The Money Wisdom System™, a comprehensive money system that includes visioning, intention-setting, goal-setting, budgeting, strategy and consistent practices for true, lasting wealth.

You will learn:

↠ Techniques for money mindset mastery 
↠ Practical financial tools to systemize greater levels of financial freedom
↠ Financial literacy
↠ How to bring light to your financial challenges
↠ How to transform old patterns with money into new habits that support financial prosperity
↠ How to strengthen your partnership with money
↠ Keys to realizing your unique financial vision
↠ Strategies to continue to expand and uplevel your financial life

Here is a sample of your curriculum:

Financial Management Course
Manifesting Money Magic
Creative Budgeting

Who is the PRACTICAL MONEY MAGIC Financial Immersion for?

All adventurers. Whether you’re beginning your journey with money or you’re already consciously managing your money, this membership is designed to help you actualize your full financial potential, and to support you in continuing to uplevel once you get there.

Progressive entrepreneurs, creatives, gypsetters, change-makers, and talented professionals of all backgrounds who are ready to fully commit to becoming masters with money.

People who want support and accountability. Those who have come to master money didn’t make this journey alone! As a matter of fact, all money masters have had guides and allies. As a seasoned financial coach with consistently high success rates and a deep passion for the money mastery journey, I’ll be your mentor. Meanwhile, you'll also have access to your peers to cheer for you, share inspiration, creative ideas and constructive insights.

People who currently feel confused, chaotic, or overwhelmed with money. No matter where you are in your journey with money right now, this Group Coaching Immersion provides a clear trajectory as well as weekly support to bring you to clarity, consistency, serenity, and eventually, a level of financial confidence you didn’t even know was possible!

People who find financial management dry, boring, or uninspiring. My zone of genius is to open up new doorways with money that suddenly makes the journey fun, creative, and magical. Are you ready to re-discover your relationship with money?

People who have resistance with money but feel ready for a new way with money. You may have felt resistant or unconscious with money so far, but you feel something else is possible. Together, we will learn a new path with money that allows you to feel clear, grounded, mature and responsible in the way you relate to and manage your money. This level of empowerment will bring you joy and fulfillment that become energizing and open up exciting possibilities for your life. 

People who want to learn the practical AND the magic of money. You want to learn how to implement effective financial systems that will not only make your life easier but will bring you a new level of peace and clarity. You have a sense that your relationship with money and with each other could be EXTRAORDINARY, and you’re ready to take the leap to a new path that will not only grow your money, but also support you to become the best version of yourself. 

Still wondering if this group coaching program is right for you?

This course is NOT:

✗ A “get rich quick” scheme.

✗ Just about manifesting and the Law of Attraction, or just about the ABC’s of financial management. This is a unique approach to money mastery, developed over my 12+ years as a financial coach, a signature process I take all my clients through, blending both the practical and magical principles of money mastery.

✗ For you if you’re not ready to open to a new way of doing money. You will have to take responsibility for your money story, and the money beliefs that are asking to be healed and transformed. You will need the courage to face your money shadow and take action. You’ll have to be WILLING to open to a new potential, and a new relationship with money. The results will be immeasurably rewarding.

Financial freedom

This is an excellent program for couples looking to ignite, build, and solidify their financial partnership.

Here is a common scenario with most couples that haven’t undergone a conscious initiation with money:

✗ You’re frustrated because you’re not on the same page with your romantic partner financially

✗ You fall into magical thinking because it’s too uncomfortable to look at your financial situation

✗ You have different types of spending patterns or priorities and have money conflicts as a result

✗ One of you is frugal while the other is a spender, which creates friction and misunderstandings in your relationship

✗ You have no clear financial vision or joint financial goals

✗ One of you is overly reliant on the other to handle the financial details or make the money

✗ One of you gets caught in impulsive or out-of-control spending

✗ You don’t know who should pay for what

✗ You don’t know how to be in partnership with the Laws of Nature, let alone each other, when it comes to money

✗ You feel lots of stress and anxiety about money, which has led to a loss of passion in the relationship

✗ Money conversations with your lover are uncomfortable, if you even have them

✗ You have no financial systems in place, and not enough savings or assets to feel secure with your money

✗ You want to generate a larger financial flow, but you don’t know how

Primary cause.png

As a couple, picture this:

✓ You have a powerful and inspiring financial vision you’re both excited about, and a clear plan to get there

✓ You’re clear on who does what and how to work together to accomplish your financial goals

✓ You’ve harnessed the gifts of the spender and the saver in the relationship

✓ Your finances reflect the depth and richness of your shared intimacy, connection, and partnership values

✓ You experience a sense of peace, stability, and inspiration when you think of what you’re creating together financially

✓ You know how to allocate money in a way that keeps the passion in the relationship alive and flourishing

✓ You’re able to stay on top of the money management in a way that feels clear, connected, and motivating

✓ You have money conversations without getting triggered; in fact, you find yourself activated, empowered, and inspired when you have them

✓ You now manifest income with ease and grace

✓ Your sex life is as rich and fulfilling as your financial flow

✓ Together, you actively create more and more security and abundance with money

✓ Your relationship feels more connected, passionate, and inspired than ever

✓ You’re looking forward to the future together while you enjoy each day of the life of prosperity, fun, and creativity you have created as a partnership!

Are you ready to create a financial partnership that’s solid and prosperous?

To enjoy a flow with money that’s clear, consistent, and abundant?

To experience money as a powerful fuel that supports your greatest dreams into being?

To see your finances reflect your relationship — rich, passionate, inspiring and connected?


What’s it like to work with me?


We participated in the 12-week Practical Money Magic Financial Immersion with the Priestess of Finance.

The experience was invaluable for us as individuals and as a couple.

Through the process we uncovered hidden, subconscious paradigms that were preventing us from reaching our highest potential, and we have seen positive growth as a result since the program.

This undertaking also provided us with an invaluable opportunity, tested resources, and a framework to discuss and embark on making financial decisions as a partnership.

The immersion has made us a stronger couple and is helping us see more financial clarity and success.

We feel this experience has been one of the best investments we have made in our financial future.


Sara & Mike.png

It has impacted our relationship for the better, 100%.

Before working with Joetta, we had very separate experiences of money and did not share much about what was happening in our bank accounts. It felt like the very opposite of transparent! If there were conversations about money, they felt tense and slightly doubtful. There was also debt-ing and it felt like money was leaking through invisible holes.

Since our partnership with Joetta around our finances, we have more clarity around our current financial situation and also more vision around where we want to be. We have explored areas of our subconscious where we wanted to hoard money because of fear that we won't have enough.

Letting go has brought in more financial abundance and flow than we ever thought was possible. 

Some milestones for us are that we have reined in the use of credit cards, are paying down debt and already have one card paid off, we bought a car, expanded our cat family, and are able to role-model conscious money spending with our kids.

None of this would have happened on our own and we are so grateful for the choices we have made and continue to make with all that we learn from Joetta!

— SARA and mike


For the first 9 years of our relationship, my husband and I didn’t have a shared language to use to talk about money.

Having similar individual philosophies towards money got us pretty far, but whenever there was a question, we found we didn’t really understand where the other of us was coming from. When I began thinking of quitting my job, we really started having issues.

Joetta was recommended to me by a friend along with the description that she was more than a financial coach, that she would work with us to develop a financial framework that truly aligned with our short-term goals, our long-term vision, our personalities, and our personal history with money. She has delivered on that description and then some.

We’ve begun tracking what goes in and out in a way that is easy for our respective personalities to deal with, created a yearly budget that aligns with our intentions for where we want our money to go, and delved into some visioning work around achieving our goals and dreams.

Perhaps most significantly, my husband and I now have open, honest, and fruitful conversations about our finances that are incredibly empowering to us both.

Joetta is incredibly easy to talk to and her approach is both structured and intuitive. She has had an incredibly positive impact on our lives.



Joetta is an integral part of our success because building a business is not for the faint of heart! Even more so when your partner in business is your partner in life. 

We know it makes a difference that we are coachable and courageous, so we can fully go into our growth edges.  It's really important to us that everyone on our team pushes for higher levels of success together.

Joetta has been a part of that team and for years she has helped us navigate business and personal growth along with celebrating the accomplishments.

She guides our financial education and business building processes and we get to learn by sometimes "failing forward". It has been our pleasure to work with her and we recommend Joetta to those who seek financial balance in life while building a thriving business.


Hal and Marylou.png

Joetta Johnson was a revelation.

She’ll be the first to tell you she’s not a therapist, but we told ourselves she gave us the best marital therapy we’ve ever had. Joetta helped us understand our relationship to money—getting it, spending it, and keeping it—in clarifying and deeply helpful ways, and how the way we thought about money affected our marriage.

Working with Joetta is, indeed, work. But the result for us has been a greater sense of control over our finances and our careers.


Financial Coaching Couple

Why did I create this program?

I created this online immersive group coaching experience because I want to share the possibility of true financial success for every individual who is ready and committed!

The truth is, most of us never get a financial education. We never learn how to relate to money in a healthy and empowering way. Yet it’s entirely possible for you to have a fulfilling relationship of security, abundance and serenity with money and each other.

While 1) there’s been a waitlist for my one-on-one financial coaching for months with no sign of it slowing down any time soon, and 2) not everyone can afford my one-on-one services, the Practical Money Magic Financial Immersion is an incredible opportunity to learn the ins and outs of building a rock solid financial architecture in your life, internally and externally, while receiving ongoing support from a seasoned financial mentor (me!).

The Practical Money Magic Financial Immersion is a space brimming with creativity and potential, where motivated creatives, progressive entrepreneurs, gypsetters, change-makers, and talented professionals of all backgrounds can show up to harness their financial power and create the life they dream of by learning and practicing the keys of money mastery.

Financial training couples

Working with Joetta will change your life. 

You will not be limited to spreadsheets and budgets, but rather liberated into the workings of your own unconscious mind.  She will guide you through the thorns of your financial fears to gather gold and wisdom along the way.  She will help you truly understand that our greatest wealth is an understanding and acceptance of yourself and your patterns, so you can then cultivate true abundance in all areas of life.  Enjoy your journey!


Financial coach

I came to this work with a huge mess both internally and externally. The mirror image of messiness. Joetta helped to address the mess outside and then use those uncomfortable situations as a wake up call to the internal dynamics.

I was able to come to terms with deeply held beliefs about money and begin to shift not only my inner state but my outer condition as well.

At the beginning, I couldn’t see the path. Joetta held firm to the knowing that the path was there, which gave me the confidence to do the simple steps that we identified each week.

Although I could not see the outcome, I can now say that the outcome of financial mastery is well on its way.


Debt Resolution

Join the PRACTICAL MONEY MAGIC Financial Immersion and...

✓ Maximize your earning potential

✓ Clear your money blocks

✓ Heal your fears around money

✓ Transform your limiting beliefs into money potential

✓ Build a financial foundation that works for you

✓ Experience stability and inner security with money

✓ Feel confident and serene about your financial life

✓ Learn how to attract money and manifest the resources
you need to make your deepest desires a reality

✓ Create more wealth, joy and freedom in your life

If any of the above resonates with you, you’re in the right place.

Even if you feel nervous at the idea of taking a deep dive into your money, I’ll be with you every step of the way.

You deserve a thriving financial life.


Your financial mentor


Hi there! I'm Joetta Marie Johnson, the founder & CEO of Priestess of Finance.

I help committed couples + individuals create a successful inner and outer money architecture with fun and innovation.

I've been a highly successful financial coach for 12 years!

I have a solid background in personal and corporate finance, having worked as an accountant, controller, and financial analyst, in addition to being an auditor for Deloitte & Touche, one of the largest global accounting firms in the world.

What's unique and transformative about my work is the way I blend the practical aspect of finances (like budgeting and debt-resolution) with the magical — how to partner up with the cosmos to transform your inner money architecture and realize the prosperity you desire.

While I'm a savvy and seasoned financial mentor, I've also been initiated as a High Priestess. I've undergone many personal initiations in my heroine's journey with money, from a painful bankruptcy at 32 to finding the keys of financial mastery.

Today, I'm here to be your financial mentor and guide you on your path to reaching your full financial potential.

Mastering money can be fun, creative, and the adventure of a lifetime. Are you ready to say YES to the call to adventure?



I’m in a relationship, but my partner isn’t interested in taking the program with me. Can I take it on my own?

Absolutely! If your partner isn’t feeling ready or available to take the program with you, you can still participate on your own and learn the ropes of money mastery, and bring home some solid knowledge, transformation, tools and practices that will tremendously uplevel the financial life you share with your partner.

How much time will I need to invest in this program?

For you to be successful, you will need to commit to investing your time and energy each week, to attend live masterclasses and do your homework (exercises, practices and questionnaires that will come along with each module). You will need to invest a minimum of 2 hours a week.

How does your approach differ from other financial coaches?

What's unique and transformative about my work is the way I blend the practical aspect of finances (like budgeting, tracking, saving and debt-resolution) with the magical — how to partner up with the cosmos to transform your inner money architecture and realize the prosperity and well-being you desire. I have a high success rate and I’m highly passionate about getting you to experience total financial liberation!

I’ve tried other money-related courses and they haven’t worked.

This is an inside out approach. I’m most passionate about getting to the root causes and conditions that hold people back from experiencing their financial potential.

Just having the practical nuts and bolts of money will never get you to a completely different experience with your financial life, because it’s just information based. People have this idea — I just need a budget, and the budget will solve everything. The solution comes from having a money mindshift along with implementing tangible money practices and habits that are consistent over time.  They go hand in hand.

I don’t just teach you the practical because it’s limited in its success, I teach you how to be in a powerful relationship with money that’s dynamic and ever-evolving.

Unlike other finance professionals and money courses, this type of financial immersion brings practical money mastery skills together with inspiration, fun, and creativity! You don’t have to be bored or exhausted in the process. We’ll make it magical, exciting, and powerful.

I currently make little money or am unemployed. Will this program be beneficial for me?

Yes! Wherever you are in your journey, it’s never too late or too early to build a powerful, solid, fruitful, and prosperous money architecture, from the inside out. Taking this program will support you to achieve purpose-based income, uplevel your financial flow, and most importantly, shift your unconscious mind so you experience an extraordinary and fulfilling relationship with money.

I make a lot of money, but I don’t always know how to manage it. Will this program be beneficial for me?

Absolutely. In my 12+ year of experience with my coaching clients, I’ve seen many fantastic income generators, inheritors, and prosperous entrepreneurs who felt lost or unclear with managing their money. The truth is, whether we have lots of money or little of it, to experience true and lasting financial success, we all need to address the beliefs and shadow that live in the unconscious, and hold us back from the life we most desire. This program will take you through that initiatory process, as well as some effective tools and practices to manage your money in the long-run.


Ready for a change with money?
Join us today.

Mastering your money is a transformative experience where the realization of your dreams and aspirations is no longer just a fantasy.

You too can build a life of financial consistency, clarity, and confidence.

next cycle starts: february 2020

Still not sure if this is the right fit for you?