Secret Strategies To Manifesting More Money

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Have you ever wondered why most manifesting techniques don’t work consistently when it comes to money?

Do you practice the Law of Attraction or similar manifesting models, but aren’t experiencing the results and financial fulfillment you desire?

Is money still a source of anxiety, resistance or overwhelm in your life?

Do you feel stuck in self-sabotaging patterns, but committed to realizing your financial potential?


As a financial coach for over 12 years and in my own journey of financial mastery, I’ve been obsessed with the topic of manifestation.

I’ve read countless books, studied with master teachers, have my own mentor, and tested things out tirelessly. After doing a ton of experimentation, I’ve arrived at a manifestation principle that isn’t a black and white formula, but more of an equation that I’ve refined over the years, tested and applied in my own life and in that of my clients with great success. It turns out that there is a system to manifesting more money!

More than a simple equation, financial manifestation is a powerful and empowering process.

When we engage with it in the right way, manifestation grants us the potential to more money and resources, but also to new levels of meaning, depth, richness, and purpose.

If you’ve felt resistant or avoidant with money, disempowered in your relationship to your finances, chaotic or overwhelmed, or immature with the way you handle money, I invite you to experiment with a new, tried-and-true approach to manifesting more money.

Money is a powerful force to fuel the life experiences you desire.

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Many of us start the path of financial mastery with shame or guilt about our financial circumstances, feeling stuck in our income-level or business, and exhausted by self-sabotaging habits. We may have a big vision for our lives, but no idea how to get started. Meanwhile, money continues to be a source of stress and limitation.

If this is you — don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Most of us have received *zero* financial education growing up. As a matter of fact, we’ve most likely inherited, directly and indirectly, money beliefs from our family and society that just aren’t the truth. These limiting beliefs live in our unconscious mind, and hamper our capacity to earn, grow, and manage money as an adult.

When we’re not equipped with the right knowledge, tools and guidance, money can feel out of control, stressful, and just plain boring.

Yet, allow me to let you in on a little secret:

It’s possible for every single one of us who experiences money pain, to transform it into money pleasure.

Are you in?

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To act or attract?

Get ready to learn secret strategies to manifesting more money!

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We’ll cover:

  • The truth behind the Law of Attraction, and what it takes to partner up with the forces of creation

  • Discerning when to act and when to attract in the manifestation process

  • Keys to attraction and keys to right action

  • The role your unconscious money beliefs play in manifesting more money

  • Why cleaning up your financial past contributes to your present day financial flow

  • How financial maturity influences your income generation

  • The practical money architecture needed to hold high levels of prosperity


Can’t wait to share these powerful teachings with you!

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Hi there! I'm Joetta Marie Johnson, the founder & CEO of Priestess of Finance.

I help committed individuals + couples create a successful inner and outer money architecture with fun and innovation.

I've been a highly successful financial coach for 12 years!

I have a solid background in personal and corporate finance, having worked as an accountant, controller, and financial analyst, in addition to being an auditor for Deloitte & Touche, one of the largest global accounting firms in the world.

What's unique and transformative about my work is the way I blend the practical aspect of finances (like budgeting and debt-resolution) with the magical — how to partner up with the cosmos to transform your inner money architecture and realize the prosperity you desire.

While I'm a savvy and seasoned financial mentor, I've also been initiated as a High Priestess. I've undergone many personal initiations in my heroine's journey with money, from a painful bankruptcy at 32 to finding the keys of financial mastery.

Today, I'm here to be your financial mentor and guide you on your path to reaching your full financial potential.

Mastering money can be fun, creative, and the adventure of a lifetime. Are you ready to say YES to the call to adventure?