The Priestess of Finance helps entrepreneurs and freelance lifestylers become financially savvy, powerfully manage the money they have & create more consistency with what comes in.

She specializes making money more fun, creative and grounded with Practical Money Magic.

The practical includes budgeting, income forecasting, cash flow management, setting up tracking systems and setting clear, definable goals.

The magic is you know, magic. The intangible parts of a wisdom-based relationship to money —meaning, awe, grace, imagination and creativity.

As a Financial Coach, she leads clients through The Money Wisdom System to create a financial life that is meaningful and masterful.

She believes by focusing on finances in wise ways with the right kind of support, you can upLevel your financial circumstances no matter where they are at now. And by learning to master the mind you can improve all kinds of life circumstances where you may feel stuck and powerless.

She provides the tools, perspective, and accountability essential for success with money and meeting life’s challenges that can otherwise stunt financial growth.

As an ordained High Priestess, she is far from your typical starchy accountant or financial planner, yet comes with a Degree in Business & Accounting and with serious experience in personal and business finance! 

The Priestess of Finance takes one-on-one clients through her signature Money Wisdom System, meeting weekly in her office in Boulder, CO or over video conferencing.

She provides serious + playful accountability, so that clients feel supported and seen in their financial potential, while they are gaining clarity, growth and new vision. Joetta surrounds herself with a team of bad asses and feels the necessity of having mentors to constantly reflect what is possible for her, so she can hold this for others.

By going through the transformative process of the The Money Wisdom System, clients traverse their own trials and tribulations with money, gaining fresh perspective, new strategies and facing their money shadow with courage. Here is what one client had to say about traversing the trials and tribulations with money:

"While going through a divorce I was overcome with fear about the future, anger over the past, and of course, my financial situation was completely up in the air. Joetta helped me put all of this to rest, to change the story I had around money by removing the fear I had of it."

Because this process has been Joetta's own road to financial growth, she is the perfect guide to make the quest with. It truly makes for an adventurous experience and the treasures gained are valuable for a lifetime. It is an investment in the long game with money.