Joetta was a revelation.

Joetta has been a wealth of wisdom financially since I started working with her over 7 years go!

She'll be the first to tell you she's not a therapist, but we told ourselves she gave us the best marital therapy we've ever had. Joetta helped us understand our relationship to money — getting it, spending it, and keeping it — in clarifying and deeply helpful ways, and how the way we thought about money affected our marriage.

— Hall Clifford and Mary Lou Bendrick


The Priestess of Finance has helped people from all walks of life achieve money mastery. She specializes in working with couples and entrepreneurial spirits who want to dial in their personal & business finances and desire higher levels of income generation.

Many of Joetta's clients are change makers, pioneers and gypsetters that are interested in doing money in new ways. When clients work with her, they learn techniques for mindset mastery and practical financial tools to systemize greater levels of financial freedom.  She helps clients to strengthen their partnership with money, especially with couples and helps them get on the same page with money.  

The adventure of going from novice to master is a journey of successes and challenges. Many times the challenges can feel overwhelming and cloud what is possible. But it is the overcoming them that creates tremendous magic and success. They may look like:

Lack of clarity: Generating a good amount of income, but not knowing where any of it is going. 

Lack of savings: Having the intention to save, but spending in the moment wins every time.

Lack of planning: Not allocating time and attention to planning out the finances for the future.

Lack of cushion: The never enough syndrome — even with a strong income, it does not accumulate.

Lack of inspiration: Unable to create a financial vision for the future that is interesting and exciting.

Lack of practical tools: Not knowing which financial tools to implement and use consistently. 

Lack of magic: Learning the teachings of manifestation but not getting consistent results.

These are just some of the areas where people can feel the lack in their relationship to money, which is painful! With consistency, there are so many NEW OUTCOMES possible like having a CLEAR spending plan, savings that GROW, accumulating CUSHION in the checking account, feeling INSPIRED by a vision that feels real, KNOWING which tools to use & having MAGIC occur in unexpected ways. But it does require taking some risk to get help in overcoming these barriers. 

Here are examples of new outcomes Joetta's clients have experienced.

"Joetta has helped me develop financial clarity and create a roadmap for my future. Now, I have a vision, specific goals, a plan for the future, and the tools to get me there."

— Laurie

"After working with her I felt much more peace and ease to receive even more money, feeling like I was worthy and deserving of it."

— Rebeca

"I have seen a 300%(!!!) increase in my private practice income, AND my money skills in the areas of budgeting, forecasting, tracking and manifesting have sky-rocketed!"

— Lesley

"My confidence and self-worth have grown tremendously with her aid."

— Ian

"I worked with Joetta for a year and really learned how to tactically manage our family’s cash flow, set budgets and goals as well as pause and think through purchases."

— Eleanor

"Joetta supported me in outlining my financial goals and vision for what I wanted to see happen. And then it all started to happen!"

— Sara


MONEY PRACTITIONERS: Individuals who are committed to have an extraordinary relationship with money and resources because they believe money can support them in realizing their fullest potential and experiencing the life they envision as possible. Therefore, they practice the principles of financial mastery.


When clients choose to go through these financial rites of passage, they have the opportunity to become money practitioners. By having a practice with money, much like with meditation or yoga, the practice becomes embedded in their life as a consistent, stable thing that increases the ability to manage money in thoughtful, clear, consistent ways.

Because of Joetta’s extensive experience in business, she offers financial services to support entrepreneurs, ensuring that startup endeavors are well thought out and the numbers align with the vision. 

As businesses grow and are ready to upLevel, she provides strategic guidance to enhance the financial systems and structures that support sustainable financial growth.

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