Overwhelm Is A Gateway To Greater Success

Overwhelm is one of the most important challenges a success-oriented person must learn to navigate. This threshold can appear at any point on the path to prosperity, but most often it shows up when increased opportunities come your way.

As success builds, there is often more and more to manage, and the to-do list can seem never ending. I’ve watched clients struggle with feeling overwhelmed to the point where they wish they did not have so much opportunity coming in! Even though they set intentions for growth, when it arrives, it can feel like too much— to the point that they may wish for it to stop. This is a common cause of success sabotage.

Also, I’ve seen clients set inspiring goals they want to come to fruition. But once they set the goal, they feel that it is all up to them to make the goal happen. They may feel pressure to attend every networking event, get obsessed with looking on-line for that new place to live or try to create a full blown business plan and exhaust themselves for fear that they will never achieve their dream unless they expend an excessive amount of blood, sweat and tears.

But I want to let you in on a tried and true secret with which I have experimented, along with my brave clients who’ve taken the risk: The 50/50 rule.

Here’s the lowdown on the 50/50 rule:

I believe we are in partnership with a higher intelligence, be that the “universe”, the “divine”, the wise “sage” within you, or even what some may relate to as “intuition”.

50% of the partnership is your responsibility, broken up into two parts:

  • 25% is utilizing the power of your intention.
  • 25% is taking actions that are aligned with the intention.

YOUR higher intelligence holds the other 50%.

Therefore you rely on this higher intelligence to be of assistance in organizing circumstances to help you experience what you are intending.  It is much like relating to the body.  You would never think of trying to make your heartbeat, turn food into energy or heal a cut.  The intelligence of the body does this for you, however your intentions and actions do affect the body’s ability to do all this effectively.

That means that only 25% of the entire energy required to actualize your desires needs to be actual actions on your behalf, not 95% like many people try to do!

So you can skip the networking event that doesn’t feel inspiring, or minimize the marketing efforts that feel inauthentic, or stop obsessing about that new place to live.

When you rely on higher intelligence to organize circumstances and remove barriers to success, your opportunities may come in ways you hadn’t even thought of. Instead of pounding the pavement all day, looking for opportunity, you may run into a friend at a wedding, who becomes your business partner and then see the doors fly open with opportunity.

Following the 50/50 rule does require you to listen & discern the most appropriate, most valuable actions to take. You can learn to select actions that require the least expenditure on your behalf, while yielding the most abundant results. This is where clarity around your intention becomes extra important.

So financial rockstars, this particular path to success is an alternative to what you may see happening in the “mainstream” world.  It requires courage, determination, and consistency. But it is oh so fruitful, fun and brings forth incredible demonstrations of what’s available to you. The moment you boldly commit to your intention, providence rushes in to give you what you need to succeed. I’m not saying she won’t also kick your butt from time to time to show you your strength. But grace will always show up for you if you ask for it — and rely upon it.

If it feels too uncomfortable to fully let go of the Western notion that you alone are responsible for your success, try it for 1 month, as an experiment. Let me know how it goes!

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