Working with Joetta was invaluable on a number of levels.

Not only did she reorient my views around money and the energy of finances, but she helped me clear up long-held disempowering beliefs that were not working in my favor.

While going through a divorce I was overcome with fear about the future, anger over the past, and of course, my financial situation was completely up in the air.

Joetta helped me put all of this to rest, to change the story I had around money by removing the fear I had of it.

Since our time together I have not only seen my financial landscape change but additionally my inner landscape as well. I recommend working with Joetta whether you are confident with your finances, or otherwise!

  — Traver Boehm
Author of “Today I Rise”

Laurie W

Joetta is a financial coach extraordinaire.

I didn’t know I needed her until I started working with her. I thought I was already fairly financially savvy, but within our first few sessions I had already learned more than I had through years of going it alone.

Joetta has helped me develop financial clarity and create a road map for my future.

Now, I have a vision, specific goals, a plan for the future, and the tools to get me there. I highly recommend her for anyone who is ready to grow financially!

— Laurie Wertich, Entrepreneur

Rebecca Castella

Working with Joetta is a true delight.

She is so deeply present and helped me become aware of exactly what I needed for maximum growth. Before I worked with her, I was allergic to money and had a hard time relating to any money received that was not coming from my own pure hard work. And I had a lot of judgment about money.

After working with her I felt much more peace and ease to receive even more money, feeling like I was worthy and deserving of it.

Quite the turn! She is phenomenal, I can’t recommend her enough. An inspiring Goddess and for sure a High Priestess!

— Rebeca Castella
Mindful Living Coach

Lesley G

When I began working with Joetta I was skeptical at the idea that my hard-won money woes would ever feel workable, let alone hopeful.

But I am ecstatic to report that I feel optimistic about my financial situation and my abilities to earn an income that makes me feel that I am in my integrity!

Through weekly accountability, deepening awareness about my money story + skill-building meetings with Joetta, I have seen a 300%(!!!) increase in my private practice income, AND my money skills in the areas of budgeting, forecasting, tracking and manifesting have sky-rocketed!

There is no way I could have come this far in a year without Joetta’s support. Her ability to listen, empower her clients and discern a corrective course of action is impeccable.

I highly recommend Joetta to anyone who has the requisite courage to transform their relationship with money.

— Lesley Glenner Owner, Holobeing, LLC

Ian Hollaman

Joetta has been a wealth of wisdom financially since I started working with her over 7 years ago!

She has a deep understanding of wealth and self-value and can articulate the struggles with money like no one else. She also helps to co-create a master plan to get at the source of deep, unconscious challenges.

My confidence and self-worth have grown tremendously with her aid and it never feels forced or simply a way to make more money.

The relationship we’ve developed (including helping areas I have struggled in communication with my wife) has created a foundation to continue growing and my financial numbers back that up!

I think what every investor, counselor or life coach could learn from Joetta is that the universe has a plan and we need to match our goals and expectations to allow that path to unfold.

Rather than force or coerce the universe we have to ask how we can be a partner with it to get at deeper issues we’ve developed around self-worth and financial gain. She has certainly opened my eyes to the power within and not only do I get to make more money to support my family’s goals but I enjoy my work more and attract people that have that same value!

If you are considering working with her please do not lose this opportunity to create a new path and succeed where you have failed or are stuck because what she brings to the table is deeper than any investor, fiduciary or coach I have worked with before!

— Ian Hollaman, DC, MSc, IFMCP
Red Tail Wellness Functional Medicine


Working with Joetta taught me a lot about the basics of cash flow and budgeting but also about the spiritual root of spending and the inherent survival skills rooted in all of us that propel us to seek security in our lives.

I worked with Joetta for a year and really learned how to tactically manage our family’s cash flow, set budgets and goals as well as pause and think through purchases, not simply spend on a whim because it makes us feel good.

I appreciate all that I learned and it will serve my family well for a lifetime.

— Eleanor Smith
Managing Director, Corporate and Healthcare
Bass, Berry & Sims PLC 

Seth Braun

I came to this work with a huge mess both internally and externally. The mirror image of messiness. Joetta helped to address the mess outside and then use those uncomfortable situations as a wake up call to the internal dynamics.

I was able to come to terms with deeply held beliefs about money and begin to shift not only my inner state but my outer condition as well.

At the beginning, I couldn’t see the path. Joetta held firm to the knowing that the path was there, which gave me the confidence to do the simple steps that we identified each week.

Although I could not see the outcome, I can now say that the outcome of financial mastery is well on its way.

One of the great realizations that I had was that I did not need a car. I do need to have my daughter in a private school, I do need to have a food share from local farmers. It is not so much about how much I am spending, but am is my spending really in line with what I want at the deepest core of my being. That has been a gold nugget.

—Seth Braun
Coaching for Alignment,
Health and Higher Consciousness

My work with Joetta, both individually and in her Priestesses of Finance course, has powerfully transformed my relationship to money.  I have learned some solid financial practices for managing & budgeting my money, as well as creating containers and forecasts for my financial future that support both masterful organization as well as powerful manifestation.  

Her work is the ultimate yin-yang of financial empowerment, and she herself is a complete delight–a wise, practical, inspiring priestess!  

I highly recommend working with her and upleveling your financial reality for life!

— Heather Nichols, Entrepreneur



“Owning” my wealth has been a real challenge for me over the years, and as a result, I had developed habits and beliefs that challenged the very intention I had to create wealth.  I tended to spend my money unconsciously, not manage my cash flow well, and not be able to create and sustain assets. 

Over this past year of working with Joetta, I have developed a deep, respectful and grounded relationship with my money and wealth.

Now, I have put into practice daily, weekly and monthly money habits that support me being in integrity with positive cash flow, but also in alignment with my long term commitments and visions of financial wealth and freedom. 

I highly recommend Joetta.  I know that she supports me to be in a grounded, empowered, and committed relationship with my finances, which is a powerful bridge to manifesting my visions and dreams.

— Sarah Hoskin Clymer, Sacred Site Leader


I wanted to reach out and say thank you. I'm so grateful for the time we worked together.

I've been reading some money books lately and when I get to the part about tying up loose ends, or cleaning stuff up, I really have nothing to do. And it's because we did all that through working with you and I've kept it up. It's been really empowering.

— Rachelle Reichley
Owner at YAY! LiFE!


Things here are going awesome and I am enjoying so much confidence, self esteem, happiness and awesomeness.

I don't think I would have accomplished this much without you and I wanted to deeply thank you for all you did for and with me. You have been such a great teacher and money master for me.

I keep investing in my education and self development. It's a great use of my money and resources.

I hope that you feel supported and loved, because you are. You taught me that.

Big hug, you rock Joetta!

— Elena Nebreda


I've had a wonderful experience with Joetta. But I am also open to her approach which is more of a personal exploration of your relationship with money. At the core of how approach things is how we learned to see them. I have been working with her for a month. We have gone through worksheets and explored how I view things.

We are now hitting the numbers and nitty gritty on how to go about changing and upgrading. I find it very effective.

— Victoria Aracri Deroche
Restaurant Founder

Sara Eddison

I have been working with Joetta consistently for 9 months now and have seen tremendous growth in my overall relationship to money. The number one piece that comes up for me is the clarity that I have now. From the beginning, Joetta supported me in outlining my financial goals and vision for what I wanted to see happen. And then it all started to happen! 

Within three months, three of my top goals happened and then again and again, more unfolded.

I got to learn about myself and how I view and relate to money and then Joetta helped me work with my partner for life too around his relationship to money and reckoning with debt. It has impacted our relationship for the better, 100%.

Joettta also helped me get set up for the new year with goals for my startup consulting business that felt attainable, and yet I had no idea how I would hit them.

By the end of my first quarter, I was at 115% to goal!

I thank Joetta and our ongoing partnership for helping develop my ability to manifest what I need. She has helped me uncover and develop my confidence and see the value in what I have to offer in my business and personal relationships.

— Sara Eddison
 Expert holistic nutrition and lifestyle consultant


You would be proud to know that we are continuing to live within our means, saving for big ticket items including travel, and meeting periodically to talk about our cash flow without getting upset with each other.

Our time spent with your continues to be the basis of our financial life.

—  Karin Hoskin, entrepeneur

Rick Kahler

Joetta brings a rare combination of emotional and money skills to her coaching clients.

This helps her clients progress exponentially faster toward any goal involving money or finances than with a traditional coach.

— Rick Kahler, President
Kahler Financial Group

David & Hanna Sloan

Joetta is an integral part of our success because building a business is not for the faint of heart! Even more so when your partner in business is your partner in life. 

We know it makes a difference that we are coachable and courageous, so we can fully go into our growth edges.  It's really important to us that everyone on our team pushes for higher levels of success together.

Joetta has been a part of that team and for years she has helped us navigate business and personal growth along with celebrating the accomplishments.

She guides our financial education and business building processes and we get to learn by sometimes "failing forward". It has been our pleasure to work with her and we recommend Joetta to those who seek financial balance in life while building a thriving business.

— David & Hanna Sloan
Sloan Construction

Working with Joetta will change your life. 

You will not be limited to spreadsheets and budgets, but rather liberated into the workings of your own unconscious mind.  She will guide you through the thorns of your financial fears to gather gold and wisdom along the way.  She will help you truly understand that our greatest wealth is an understanding and acceptance of yourself and your patterns, so you can then cultivate true abundance in all areas of life.  Enjoy your journey!

— Willow Rockwell

Before I began working with Joetta, I had a lot of “clutter” in my financial life that kept me from moving forward.

There were things I did not know how to do, issues I needed to address but kept avoiding, and I lacked clarity in how to move forward. The financial energy in my life felt very stagnant and my income and career path reflected this. I was ready for change and needed help moving forward.

Working with Joetta gave me the structure, guidance, accountability, and support to make a lot of progress, while allowing me the freedom to let my path evolve in a very natural and sustainable way.

We worked on concrete things like building a budget and managing cash flow, which gave me tangible new income goals and helped me see areas where I was spending too much. Once I saw how much I saved by having this system in place, I knew the investment to work with Joetta had already paid off.

I now have a working budget, savings allocations I am happy with, and I have increased my income by 32% over the past year.

Perhaps more importantly, we also worked on my attitudes toward money, the value I hold for myself, and building an awareness of a partnership with something greater than myself. I began to realize a lot of ways that I found myself stuck in life had to do with learned behaviors and an “under-earner” mentality. It took some time and consistent reminders from Joetta to shift my thinking and I have discovered that it is possible to change the trajectory of my experience with this new awareness and way of thinking.

I will miss my regular appointments with Joetta, but the work I did with her has brought about lasting change, exponential growth, and new inspirations for a higher level of consciousness in many aspects of my life!

— Aura de Mare


Michelle and Saul

For the first 9 years of our relationship, my husband and I didn’t have a shared language to use to talk about money. Having similar individual philosophies towards money got us pretty far, but whenever there was a question, we found we didn’t really understand where the other of us was coming from. When I began thinking of quitting my job, we really started having issues.

Joetta was recommended to me by a friend along with the description that she was more than a financial coach, that she would work with us to develop a financial framework that truly aligned with our short-term goals, our long-term vision, our personalities, and our personal history with money. She has delivered on that description and then some.

Over the months we spent meeting with Joetta (over Skype) we’ve begun tracking what goes in and out in a way that is easy for our respective personalities to deal with, created a yearly budget that aligns with our intentions for where we want our money to go, and delved into some visioning work around achieving our goals and dreams.

Perhaps most significantly, my husband and I now have open, honest, and fruitful conversations about our finances that are incredibly empowering to us both.

Joetta is incredibly easy to talk to and her approach is both structured and intuitive.

She has had an incredibly positive impact on our lives.

—Michelle and Saul Farber

What it is: Individual financial coaching with Joetta Johnson of Conscious Bookkeeping. Conscious Bookkeeping coaches don’t tell you how to make money or how to invest it; they actually help you CHANGE YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO MONEY so it’s easier for you to make it and you know what do with it once you have it.

Growth Potential: Money is one of the biggest issues we all have to deal with in this life – there is no way you can exist without some kind of dealing with money. I used to avoid dealing with money at all (ignorance is bliss) and it paralyzed me with fear. Now I’m well on my way to saving money for travel and a prosperous early retirement; I have an ease around dealing with money and it makes my whole life work better.

Pop Potential: This process would work for anyone who doesn’t know the basics of how to track their income and expenses who doesn’t want to read a book or take a course on money. I personally prefer the individual attention to keep me accountable and so I can ask whatever questions I have, whenever I have them.

What I got out of it:

Through my coaching with Joetta, I have transformed my relationship with money from one of fear, avoidance, and thinking it was someone else’s job to deal with (which is ridiculous, since I’m single and it IS my job) to a relationship of empowerment – I know what I want my money for and I know how to handle it.

My two goals in this process were to be financially empowered so I could get what I want in my life, and to model a successful relationship with money for my small daughter as she grows up, and I’m very pleased with the results so far.

—  Karin Wertheim, Coach and Entrepreneur

karin w.png

Linda and Geoff

Dear Joetta,

When we bought a car eight years ago, we had the option of a navigation system (GPS) in dash or a CD player in dash. If we chose the GPS, the CDs went in the trunk! We went with the CD player in dash; after all, we reasoned, we always used maps before so why did we need navigation now?

Flash forward five years: Our next car came with a navigation system and a CD player in dash. Suddenly, the GPS was indispensable. New restaurant in SF? Covered. Not sure how to get home from a dark street in Portola Valley? No problem. Need to stop to ask for directions? Never again!

Conscious Bookkeeping has been like that. My husband is in finance already so why would we need help with our finances? We already dutifully worked on the dreaded budget.

However, now that we have been doing Conscious Bookkeeping, it has become indispensable. We have both learned about our unconscious baggage when talking about the budget (which we no longer call “The Budget”). I’ve learned to use and appreciate Quicken and my husband has learned to translate his numbers so I can understand them.

Sessions where we talk about finances are no longer the procrastinated guilt filled hour we both can’t wait to escape.

We’ve learned that money is simply energy and focus, and how we spend it is how we spend our life. The vision of our destination is now clear, so our choices to get there are clear.

Our Cherished dreams – my childhood National Velvet fantasy of horse ownership; a family trip to Hawaii paid with cash; owning our home, remodeling our home, golf outings – have all become reality.

Conscious Bookkeeping has brought a sense of peace and prosperity to our lives. Oh, and the name of our budget? We now call it our GPS.

— Linda and Geoff

Joetta came into my life in the second phase in my financial growth journey. In the previous life that I lead, I was scared of budgets.  I perceived them as a depravation tool. My perception and belief began to shift when I came to the realization that budgets are, actually, a tool of entitlement and abundance.

The journey continued when I started manifesting my dreams and hopes. Those I thought were just fantasies that were not going to materialize but I was gently and patiently corrected through Joetta: that those dreams can be my reality and they actually have become exactly that. For instance; never did I think I will be debt free, but I am now. Do I purchase something I can’t afford? Not likely. Do I feel bad about that? No, I don’t because I know it is not realistic.

But here is the fun part, once I set a goal, I make a lovely budget account made especially for that goal, and I put in my daily dollar until the well fills up and I am able to actualize the goal.

I am in my third phase with financial growth and I am actually doing Cash Flow spread sheet. Who would have thought I was going to do that a year or two ago? Joetta did.

— Haifaa Almoammar



Joetta helped me to expand my own ideas about money and work in the world and see where old patterns with money and abundance were getting in the way. 

I attribute at least 25% of the success I've been having with money to my work with Joetta, which is significant! She showed me that Quickbooks could be an ally rather than an enemy. I've learned to see how diving into the details of my bookkeeping could help me integrate everything from cash flow to reconciliation to my financial mindset and that they are all interconnected.  Having her as part of my team keeps me focused and coaches me off the ledge of financial drama so I can focus on doing the work I love.

If you want to sharpen both your financial intentions and financial skill set, Joetta should be your next call.  

—  Christopher Ulrich,

I can't recommend Joetta enough.

I worked with her for a few months one-on-one and it was a game changer. My income almost doubled the next year and I'm not exaggerating.

She's worth every penny. Every time I've stretched to invest in myself, the universe rushes in to fill the vacuum. Trust me.

— T Star, Founder at Daily Transformations

T Star

Financial mentor

7+ years ago, I was $40K+ in the hole, accumulating credit card debt fast and routinely over-drafting on my bank account.

Joetta was recommended to me by a mutual friend, who had also worked with her to get out of debt. She took me on and transformed not only my financial life but my life in general; she helped me to get on a debt-repayment plan, learn how to budget, use online financial tools and create savings plans for immediate as well as several longer-term goals.

But managing money is not all about numbers and rectifying spreadsheets. It's way more than that. 

She also helped me by tuning me into my attitudes around money, teaching about the spiritual currents regarding money, mentoring me, curating passions, doing tarot and much more. In this way she is truly a Priestess of Finance.

Her services are professional, wise, discerning, warm, giving, compassionate, funny, and inspiring — an amazing combination of attention to detail and attention to soul.

I would recommend her to anybody.

— John Graham, software engineer

This is my first Friday taking off my full time job and investing in this film work that is more meaningful and exciting to me and it feels SO AMAZING! I just had a call with my new clients who are amazing. I was paid by my other client today who is also awesome.

It feels like so much abundance flowing in and I am overflowing with gratitude and had to give it back to make room for more!

I’m so grateful for our collaboration and wouldn’t have been able to take these string of risks in a purposeful and conscious way without it. I feel so blessed!

I didn’t realize how much I needed a day off from the full-time job and it’s making me feel awe and see all that is possible (I couldn’t even imagine!). Had to share this with you and couldn’t wait until Monday!

— Lisa Allen, Documentary Impact Producer

Financial Mentor

Financial Coach

Joetta helped me to transform my relationship with money.

I first attended one of her workshops and learned how to bring divine conscious awareness into budgeting, spending, and flowing money to areas of my life that I hoped to build. Through private sessions, she then helped me to organize my money and bring a spiritual practice around it, creating space, awareness, and responsibility. Now, several years later, I have the tools necessary to not be intimidated by expenses. I can plan, save, and create my future using her simple and incredible tools. 

Joetta's guidance has changed my life around money and career, and being able to reach out occasionally, these days, for support and encouragement is incredible. 

I am so grateful!

—  Maria Cooper, Chef and Nourishment Coach

It has impacted our relationship for the better, 100%.

Before working with Joetta, we had very separate experiences of money and did not share much about what was happening in our bank accounts. It felt like the very opposite of transparent! If there were conversations about money, they felt tense and slightly doubtful. There was also debt-ing and it felt like money was leaking through invisible holes.

Since our partnership with Joetta around our finances, we have more clarity around our current financial situation and also more vision around where we want to be. We have explored areas of our subconscious where we wanted to hoard money because of fear that we won't have enough.

Letting go has brought in more financial abundance and flow than we ever thought was possible. 

Some milestones for us are that we have reined in the use of credit cards, are paying down debt and already have one card paid off, we bought a car, expanded our cat family, and are able to role-model conscious money spending with our kids.

None of this would have happened on our own and we are so grateful for the choices we have made and continue to make with all that we learn from Joetta!

—  Sara & Mike

Sara & Mike

Jen & Matthew

We participated in the 12-week Practical Money Magic Financial Immersion with the Priestess of Finance.

The experience was invaluable for us as individuals and as a couple.

Through the process we uncovered hidden, subconscious paradigms that were preventing us from reaching our highest potential, and we have seen positive growth as a result since the program.

This undertaking also provided us with an invaluable opportunity, tested resources, and a framework to discuss and embark on making financial decisions as a partnership.

The immersion has made us a stronger couple and is helping us see more financial clarity and success.

We feel this experience has been one of the best investments we have made in our financial future.

—  jen & Matthew

Working with Joetta has been the fast-track to success for my personal financial goals.

I wanted to start my own business but was weighted down with my own self-limiting beliefs. Joetta helped me to see through the fog and keeps me on track. She is my personal cheerleader. Everyone needs that! I now have my business up and running and a steady framework for continued success.

Thank you, Joetta!

—  julie wilson

Before working with Joetta I was in a tangle of disbelief.

Thinking that working hard and making money would end up automatically with a positive outcome. However our system of debt and personal bad habits kept me on the hamster wheel with no end in sight.

Joetta helped me identify a few big blind spots in my money prison. After an a-ha! moment I made some big shifts in my relationship with money. This is a slow process of shifting beliefs and starting good money habits. Most of the work was stepping into the areas that I avoid.

Joetta is a magnificent guide at gently staying in the tough spots.

We identified some major areas and worked on a plan. I did not follow the plan exactly but the attitudes and positive money ideas really made a tectonic shift in me.

I have gone from $1M in debt to +$1M in assets. Joetta’s work is unlike any other. She is a master at her craft.

I still had to make my own journey. Thanks Joetta!

— Bodhi Freeman

I’ve been working with Joetta for almost nine years, beginning when I was going through a divorce, after being married and an at-home-parent for twenty years.

Before working with Joetta, I had little awareness about my own and our family’s finances and felt a lot of fear and confusion around working with money - so tended to avoid it completely. 

Step by step, with her calm wisdom, kindness and gentle humor, Joetta steadfastly steered me through a long (sometimes terrifying) divorce process, starting with learning to budget and track my finances (using Quicken, then cash flows and Mint) to figure out what I needed to start a new life.

What stands out the most for me about Joetta is that no matter how difficult the challenge during a session (including, dealing with a threatening legal situation, not completing my “action items”, feeling shame around overspending on clothes and groceries again) I always feel fully supported and inspired to move forward after a session.

Joetta brings a surprising joy and magic to the process of working with finances. Our sessions are fun! 

The consistency of Joetta’s support over the past nine years has led me to successfully negotiate a fair divorce settlement, complete my MA, secure full time work in my field and I’m now preparing to launch a website to start my private practice. I am debt-fee and feel especially proud of having created 6 different savings accounts that I contribute to monthly. It feels really great to watch my savings grow, compared with have almost no awareness of my finances when we first started working together. 

In sum, Joetta has helped me feel a lot more confident with my finances, which definitely relates to my feeling more confident in the world.

— Lauren

Joetta Johnson was a revelation.

She’ll be the first to tell you she’s not a therapist, but we told ourselves she gave us the best marital therapy we’ve ever had. Joetta helped us understand our relationship to money—getting it, spending it, and keeping it—in clarifying and deeply helpful ways, and how the way we thought about money affected our marriage.

Working with Joetta is, indeed, work. But the result for us has been a greater sense of control over our finances and our careers.

— Hal Clifford, Book Outliner, and Mary Lou Bendrick

Working with Joetta not only provides the tools to efficiently manage money but also dramatically shifts your consciousness around money. This shift in consciousness transforms not only your finances but also your life.

Working with Joetta exponentially increased my confidence and faith in the Divine and allowed true miracles to occur in my bank account as well as my heart.

My life is not the same because of Joetta and for that I am truly grateful.

— Allison Rhea

Dear Joetta,

Thank you so much for your wisdom, support, guidance, humor, and clarity over the past 18 months. I have gained so much from working with you.

Your consultation on my finances is one of the best investments I’ve made.

Learning to budget, and even more importantly to understand cash flow, has allowed me to make conscious choices that match my priorities. Your systematic method of helping me to identify my expenses, save for the recurring ones, and pay off debt while accumulating savings has propelled me into 2010 with substantial savings and no short-term debt.

Please know that I express my gratitude to you at least once a day for both the tangible and intangible results of our work. The tangible benefits include specific savings accounts for my goals and for the inevitable expenses that used to swell my credit card balance. The psychological and spiritual benefits are huge for me also.

I sleep better knowing that I’m good shepherd for my money. I now enjoy paying someone to help care for my home and it is a thrill to know I can donate generously and still pay the mortgage.

You were especially adept at acknowledging my strengths and bolstering my challenges. It was delightful to have you hold me accountable for financial specifics when I much prefer to speak in broad terms.

— Jackson Peyton

Dear Joetta,

Thank you for the immensely helpful coaching you provided to me over the last three months.

I was at a loss with my finances when I contacted you. I knew that I was spending way beyond my means and wanted to act ASAP. You provided me with gentle guidance and an integrity filled future.

It took me about two sessions to really be honest with you about what I was ashamed and scared of regarding my relationship to money. I felt so much weight lifted off my shoulders just being able to share those things with you. Those feelings were holding me back and preventing me from my transformation. I am so thankful for the handholding you provided to me, re: categorizing my expenses.

I am forever grateful to everything you’ve taught me.

Here are just a few of them…

1. Never do anything out of guilt. I will remember that whenever I feel like this, I will use it as a way to communicate with the appropriate person.

2. Always be honest with what I want.

3. Have lots of compassion for myself and the mistakes I’ve made in the past.

4. 30-day Quicken Challenge.

5. Taking the time to feel what I’m feeling. I love your calming, warm energy.

— Genevieve Herreria, Executive Assistant

I enjoyed having someone who was both organized and thoughtful about my specific experience, to help me organize both my ideas and finances to suit my personal needs. 

I got out of debt, maintain a positive balance ever since, have a closer relationship to what I can and can not afford. 

I think the greatest benefit was acquiring and maintaining an awareness of my financial situation, this enabled me to make clearer and more informed decisions about other aspects of my life.

— Didi


Thank you for this result of our productive session yesterday.  I am slowly “getting it” about the Map of Intention and naming the categories.  I see how the names conjure up the energy.  Amazing. 

Your class is so rich and dense with practical information, hands on practices and spiritual guidance  that I feel it will serve me for quite some time to come.

— Smithy, Graphic Artist

I immediately began my income projection/ visualization and prayer work to bring in more money each week.  By the second week I had 5 new clients and 4 old clients that  I haven’t seen in a while.  It feels good.

I feel like I have more control than I originally thought about my income.

— Investment Club Participant, Missy

I appreciate the way you introduce us to the process in a step by step clear and simple basis. 

When I’ve attended seminars or read books on budgeting/goals/etc., this is where I get overwhelmed with the big process that one must use to get ahead.

— Nancy

Thinking with much gratitude of you today. The class and the individual coaching about management systems changed my life in so many positive ways. I'm sure that your new endeavor will have the same impact. 

While some of my financial beliefs persist, those beliefs no longer control me. They’re gradually eroding and being replaced by more useful beliefs: I have plenty of money and I do make lots of money doing what I love. 

Thank you for your major contribution to my journey! 

— jackson