financial freedom

Money is a tool we all use, but unfortunately it doesn’t come with a conscious instruction manual—until now.

The Priestess of Finance takes the mystery out of money but not the magic.

She helps you solidify a foundation of money mastery upon which you can build a prosperous life with consistency, clarity and congruency.

This financial immersion process offers practical tools and techniques like budgeting, tracking and forecasting for mastering financial management, but differs from the old stagnant ways to keep things fresh, fun and creative. 

The Money Wisdom System™ is a budgeting process that leverages vision, intention, goals, strategy and practice to help you find inspiration, freedom and confidence with money.

The Practical Money Magic™ principles provide a new template for thinking about money and improving the relationship with money. This relationship to money can bear many fruits much like a personal relationship. Most people begin to notice less worry, less confusion, less struggle, less fear and a deeper sense of security & serenity when this relationship is strengthened.

Becoming financially healthy, wealthy, and wise is beyond just the accumulation of more money. Finding mastery with your money can be a transformative experience which supports the realization of your dreams and aspirations, but even more significant is the clearing away of old ideas that get in the way of healthy earning, saving, spending and investing.

As such, The Priestess of Finance provides financial coaching, seminars, and eCourses to help people achieve financial liberation - going from being imprisoned with money to becoming a wisdom warrior with it. In short, she leads people to create a type of financial stability so they can, in turn, affect the world around them. Nothing less will do.


Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching with The Priestess of Finance is an adventure of discovery, to see what is possible to create in life with money.

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Meet the Priestess

Joetta partners with her clients to create Practical Money Magic in both their personal and business life

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✓ Set yourself up for financial growth in business endeavors

✓ Appropriately allocate the money you have in alignment with a larger vision

✓ Manage your money masterfully with confidence, clarity and consistency

✓ Grow savings, reduce debt and have greater freedom of choice

✓ Have fun with forecasting income and budgeting expenses

Plan for life changes and transitions with the Money Wisdom System

✓ Master the mind to overcome habitual patterns and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck

✓ Increase revenue in ways that support the realization of your vision

✓ Experience greater partnership in your personal & professional relationships around money


financial freedom