Are You Prepared For The Money Cycle Of Winter?

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You haven’t heard from me for so long because I was in Newsletter hibernation. I’ve been envisioning the next iteration of the Priestess, launching a new brand (more to come on that soon) and helping clients upLevel their financial lives. I’ve also been going on adventures and constantly experimenting with new manifestation tools.

I am a fan of taking as little action as possible AND getting lots of movement and results in the world. That very little action can sometimes look like hibernation. Action isn’t always needed to have things occur. Then again sometimes it is REALLY necessary!

These are the cycles of entrepreneurship: contraction, expansion, ebb & flow. They are much like life and a LOT like money! These cycles are happening ALL the time but we have become disconnected from them. We no longer need to conserve food for the winter, we just jump in the car and head to the store when we want anything…anytime. This happens with spending money too. We have lost the connection to conserving for the future because we are an instant gratification culture. We want it and we want it NOW.

But…sometimes our income isn’t always there like expected. Or, we have a mountain bike accident. Or, the car needs winter tires and we didn’t plan in advance. Now we have to figure out how these things are going to get paid for and maybe don’t have enough saved in cash reserves. Maybe income goes up or it goes down and we feel like we don’t know what will happen next.



These are cycles! They are just like the 4 seasons.

  • Winter money cycle – In the ebb, or the out breath. This may be a time of contraction in the flow of money or just a time of reassessment. Good for reviewing the prior year, creating a spending plan and providing yourself with clear spending boundaries for the coming year.
  • Spring money cycle – Typically, in many business cycles this may be the time for higher income, possibly after a time of contraction. If you were not prepared for the contraction in advance, it’s now time to regroup. Apply the lessons from the winter money cycle to the new flow.
  • Summer money cycle – A comfortable flow, but maybe too comfortable. This is a time to boost savings and put away cash reserves for lean times.
  • Fall money cycle – Start to assess what needs to happen before the years end to close out the year successfully and abundantly.


Are you harnessing the power and benefits of these cycles?

The money isn’t always going to be going up, up and away indefinitely. There will be downturns or pullbacks at some point. Are you prepared?

Life presents to us what we need. We may not like it and it definitely may not look like our intentions or our vision, but we are more likely to navigate unexpected life events successfully when we have a plan.

And YES, she can help us better plan financially if we can brave facing our own limitations and reckon with these larger cycles that may feel beyond our control because sometimes they really are.

As we move into WINTER, the cycle of frugality or conservation, we can use these themes and apply them to money.


Here are some things to assess:

  • Are your savings accounts growing? Do you have savings? Is it just one account?
  • What about debt….growing? What was the balance at the beginning of the year?
  • Is your tracking system up to date and reconciled? No tracking system?
  • Did your spending go up or down this past year compared to last?
  • Did you hit your financial goals? How do you feel about this?
  • Do you have a clear financial vision for this coming year?

These questions are prompts…to get you thinking….not to cause shame but rather help you unearth what has really happened over this year. Then you can be empowered to envision what is possible for the next year to come!

And you if need that extra boost, support, and financial love give me a shout. My Financial Coaching process is designed to upLevel you from wherever you are. Also be on the lookout for the launch of my new brand, with exciting new online courses!