Do You Have FOMM - Fear Of More Money?

Do you have FOMM?

That is...Fear Of More Money.

Yeah, you heard that right, fear of more money. Most of you have experienced the fear you may run out of money or not have enough money for what you want, what you need or in order to survive.

But how in touch are you with the fear of having MORE money?


If you want to upLevel your success, this powerful fear may get kicked up from the deep, dark depths of the primal brain, and unless you know how to navigate it, this destructive seedling could blossom into a full blown venus flytrap that eats away at the progress you are working towards.

What are these destructive seedlings of fear?

  • Fear of increased responsibility

  • Fear of loss of freedom

  • Fear of no more fun

  • Fear of being an adult

  • Fear of leadership

  • Fear of your dark side and becoming gluttonous, greedy or ego-bound

  • Fear of being ostracized or judged

  • Fear of losing LOVE

If you want to shift FOMM, let’s dig deeper and get to the root of this fear. HOW?

Put on your galoshes and let’s dig in by asking yourself these 8 questions and be HONEST with yourself:

  1. If you had double the money/income you have now, what would be the downside?
    You may say, "No way! There couldn’t possibly be a downside!" — But this is not how your unconscious mind thinks.

  2. Do you believe you will have to work much harder and have no time left?

  3. Do you believe you will lose connection with friends and/or family because they might be jealous, judge you, or try to take advantage of you?

  4. Do you believe you will have to be more conscious or on top of things and that would be a real pain in the ass?

  5. Do you believe you will not be able to have fun anymore?

  6. Do you believe you will lose the money somehow or spend it all?

  7. Are you afraid that you have no idea HOW to generate more money, so there is no use getting your hopes up?

  8. Have you seen other people with an abundance of money acting cray cray, and it is so distasteful you want nothing to do with having MORE money?

Now that you’ve gotten real with yourself, you can actually take your power back and be at choice.

Are these things you want to continue to believe?

Are you willing to feel the pain of how believing in them may be keeping you stuck?

Are you open to finding new beliefs to invest in?

You have a CHOICE: Believe in the Devil on your shoulder and the lies it whispers in your ear or find the voice of the Angel on the shoulder, because trust me it is always there for you.


One of my more recent bouts with Fear Of More Money was right before scaling up my business

My one-on-one coaching business had been highly successful and deeply rewarding. It was comfortable, steady, and really enjoyable! 

At the beginning of 2017 a feeling came knocking at the door of my soul - a knowing that wouldn't go away: the call to expand beyond what had become comfortable. 

I knew it was time to create something that could live beyond these one-on-one transformations. While the inspiration started flooding in, so did my fears.

They sounded something like, "You will lose your freedom, you will do nothing but work all the time, you will be trapped! There will be no more fun, there will be so much more responsibility. Don't do it, more money isn't worth it!" 

I had a choice - to let the fear of expansion derail me, or to rise up to the challenge and discover a different outcome

While I gave my fears a chance to have a voice, I kept taking action and hired a strategy coach and then a marketing coach. 

My years of one-on-one financial coaching had allowed me to create an effective system of financial transformation and practical tools that had the power to transform countless lives but it was time to make it available to more people. Under this compelling wave of fresh creative inspiration, I began birthing a series of innovative courses. I even hired an incredible executive assistant to help me realize my vision with ease and support!

The antidote to paralyzing doubt is to get support from others who are outside our distorted stories. The Universe is always inviting us to expand by speaking to us of new ways in which we can serve others and grow creatively.

Even as a seasoned entrepreneur, it's key to remain receptive to our intuition, and to stay playful and bold while experimenting with new creative ideas!

As my business organically expands into new exciting creative directions and my coaching clients continue to thrive, I feel more free, creative, and purposeful than ever!

If you are on a ship in the middle of the ocean, a 1-degree shift in your course can get you to a totally different destination.

What destination are you choosing?

And if you need support in making that 1-degree shift, Financial Coaching helps you face the fears and make new choices, resulting in a new financial destination.

Are you ready?

If so, The Priestess of Finance has a couple Financial Coaching spots currently available.
And be on the lookout for the innovative ecourses launching very soon!