Do You Get Stuck In These 5 Patterns That Sabotage Your Financial Flow?

I sincerely believe — and have seen to be true again and again with clients — that success is possible for everyone who is willing to find the necessary determination, courage, trust and be open to working in partnership with the universe.

If you are struggling because you are not yet earning what is required to meet your needs, not sure how to get out of debt, or feel stuck in your efforts to bring your business to the next level, you may be under the influence of one or more habits that sabotage your ability to live a prosperous, fulfilling life.   With a little grace and grit, you can transform these patterns into gold.

Keep in mind that lots of people fall into these patterns that obstruct the flow of wealth in their lives.  If these types of behaviors ring true for you, remember that you are not alone, and the shame, remorse or guilt that arises is part of the pattern.  You just need a little TLC for your financial life!

Ok, here they are…

The 5 Patterns That Sabotage Financial Flow:


Many people put off paying for things they don’t want to have to pay for in the first place, like taxes, medical and dental bills, car repairs, or debt.  I’ve also seen clients put off taking care of tasks that they are still learning, like budgeting or tracking, because they can’t do it “perfectly”.  But procrastinating in any area will bind your energy and keep it from flowing where you want it to go.  Procrastination is a pattern to keep at bay the underlying anxiety related to feelings of inadequacy, fear of failing, fear of succeeding or childhood conditioning around money.  Meaning the underlying roots need to be addressed instead of “trying” harder.


It is quite common for people to avoid looking at their bank balance or financial reports.  Some may have a fear of facing a painful reality, and to avoid looking at the actual numbers can keep a fantasy going.  It may be temporarily more comfortable to be in the dark and continue living a certain lifestyle, or pursuing a certain business plan, but in the long run, avoiding your financial reality will sabotage your ability to be prosperous in your life.  Facing a situation that isn’t working could be painful at first, but it is likely that the universe is beckoning you to a different path toward financial flow and fulfillment.


I see this not only happen with money but time. Do you set appointments where you couldn’t possibly show up on time, feel rushed all the time, and break your word with yourself or in your relationships? Do you say yes to spending money or time you know you don’t have or are unclear?  This pattern blocks the flow in life because it will disintegrate trust between you and others or between you and yourself, making it difficult for new opportunities to come your way.
A common example of over-committing resources is going into debt or agreeing to pay for things when the money isn’t there.   I’ve seen people hire resources they can’t afford to pay, rationalizing that they will have the money once they get help with their business.  Others have spent on a big one-time expense, like traveling, but then not had the money for a fixed monthly expense, like gas.  Have you found yourself in any kind of a similar situation?
If you learn to have clear boundaries, with your time and money using a time or money map, you will increase your ability to hold more abundance, and will therefore attract more of it into your life.


So many entrepreneurs, women especially, don’t charge enough for their services.  This comes from not valuing yourself, your expertise, your skills and your presence highly enough, believing that you won’t find clients who will pay what you’re worth, or feeling anxiety around asking to be paid.  Undercharging also includes giving away your time or services for free or discounting.  If you are sabotaging your financial well being in this way, you can learn to hold your value not just for your own confidence and prosperity but for all those people you want to help in your life.


If you find yourself in a time of financial contraction, and you only see the lack in your life, or believe the scarcity will last forever, you will perpetuate that experience in your life.  It is like believing the sun will never rise again when you see the darkness of night.  Remember that your finances, like everything else in your life, are subject to periods of expansion and contraction.  Neither is fixed.

So there you have it.  If you are stuck in any of these patterns, please know that you have the power to identify them, work with them, and create new patterns, so you have more time, money, productivity, energy, focus, and vision for your life.  This again will take courage, consistence, clarity, and commitment.