Confessions Of A Corporate Zombie

Once upon a time, when I was a corporate accountant, I lived + looked like a zombie. I accepted monumental amounts of responsibility, worked crazy hours (sometimes overnight), and my eyes were so bloodshot from being glued to the computer without sleep that I looked like I just crawled out of a grave for the undead.

I was exhausted and depleted! I was a slave to my job and became more stressed with each passing day. I knew this trajectory was not sustainable. Eventually my physical body broke down + I developed a major illness.

Change was immanent and my soul ensured it was for the better. I was forced to leave my position and forge a new path into the unknown.

Though I had an amazing resume, I wasn’t getting hired anywhere + my severance pay was quickly dwindling down. My leap of faith was not paying off.

Eventually… I ran out of money.

Houston, we have a problem. I did NOT have a CLEAR PLAN for my transition  into a NEW FRONTIER of service, satisfying work + sustainable prosperity. So I had no choice but to jump headfirst into the fire!

That fire was hot. I got to ZERO POINT several times, and at the final moment, just enough money would come in.

Of course it all worked out, and led me to the amazing work I do, but it DID NOT HAVE TO BE SUCH A DIFFICULT TRANSITION.

Because I went through the fire, you can learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to make the same ones. 


Here are 3 Techniques to Create a Graceful Transition into High- Paying, Purposed-Based Income

 1.    Learn to create clear money + manifestation plans

Eventually I committed myself to discovering a vision, prayed a lot, and got clear about where I wanted to go, + how I wanted to feel and during my right livelihood transition.  And it worked because here I am telling you this story!

So carve out some time to do this yourself. First write words + collect images that reveal what you want to experience. Then implement tools to forecast your income over the next year, your expenses, how long until you want to transition, how much you can save away and how low you can go with your expenses as a back up plan.

When you are crystal clear about all your financial pathways, you will not live in fear of the unknown, and have deep confidence that you are taking steps everyday that are leading you to a life you love.

2.    Look for clues that reveal where you are being led

After applying and being rejected from corporations, I realized the universe was communicating that she had other plans for me. So instead of banging my head against a door that refused to open, I started knocking on other doors I hadn’t yet considered.

I found that as one door opened, another would follow. I attracted people who inspired me, opportunities that brought income + deeper clarity, and a teacher who would show me the alchemy to turn my gifts into gold. 

So make a commitment to be in communication with the divine in this process. Your own unique path to prosperity will be revealed to you if you are willing to listen + pay attention.

3.    Plan for your transition appropriately

I took a pretty blind leap from a stable paycheck into the unknown. It’s true, I was at the end of my rope, but my lack of planning is why I ended up at zero point, with no money in my bank account.

What I should have done was save appropriately so I had a cushion. I recommend that you create a plan to build a nice safety net so you will have the time to create + allow your new prosperity path — without stressing out about money or feeling pressure to go back to a job you hate.

Remember, FEAR may be the only thing that is holding you back from realizing your dream to live a fulfilling + prosperous life.

When you have clear strategy in place, you can take the leap with confidence + joy.

There is an Arab proverb, trust in God but tie up your camel, reminding us that while it is powerful to trust in providence and have faith that everything will be OK, we need to be responsible in doing whatever we can at the same time to ensure successful outcomes.

So what happened for me? I created a rewarding + prosperous career that I never would have sought out because I didn’t know it existed yet. 

I went from debt, stress + burnout to realizing my dreams like moving to the mountains, having time, space + money to care for my physical health + feeling energized by my work.

I have built a treasure trove of wealth to nourish my sense of peace + fund my goals to travel, have an abundant lifestyle, go on retreats, work with a super powerful mentor and delve deeper into spiritual adventures.

You can do this too. Yes YOU!