Guided Journaling For Financial Clarity

Journaling can be a powerful tool to bring more awareness to your finances. This level of awareness and clarity is the first step to creating more success.

The following questions are meant to further reveal your current relationship to your livelihood + finances, and help you get clear about where you want to go.

Don’t think too hard! Just write freely whatever comes into your head. Remember to be compassionate with yourself and give yourself permission to be ruthlessly honest.

It’s possible that emotions will get stirred up in this process. Make sure to get support along with taking care of your self, such a walk in nature, nourishing food, a hot bath, or calling a supportive friend.

You also might feel inspired to get your finances in order so you can attract + manage more wealth. 


Here are the journaling questions:

1. Picture a wealthy life. What is included in this life? What do you see and experience? What are you free from?

2. Write everything that comes to mind on the topic of creating wealth. What have you learned about this topic? What beliefs/ emotions come up when you consider your ability to create wealth?

3. What are you currently doing on a daily, weekly, monthly + annual basis to nurture +grow your wealth? (Some examples are goal setting, intention setting, income forecasting, saving plans, tracking your spending, organizing your finances, attending workshops, working with a coach/ financial planner, investing, making your business scalable) Do you have any other strategies you are currently implementing? Are they working? What emotions come up when you list your strategies?

4. What kind of support do you have in place to stay accountable with your financial goals, commitments + action steps?

5. Do you set goals? If so, do you feel inspired + connected to them? If you don’t, why not?

6. Do you feel that your finances are organized?

7. Write everything that comes to mind on the topic of saving money.

8. Write everything that comes to mind on the topic of taking financial risks.

9. What wealth creation strategies or ideas do you wish you were implementing, but are not yet. What is keeping you from taking action?


Remember, regardless of the current status of your finances, YOU can be a money makin’ master. Your finances can even become your most powerful spiritual teacher.

When you bring attention, intention, wisdom, action + accountability together, you can ABSOLUTELY be successful, fulfilled + prosperous.