How Does Tending To Your Personal Finances Lead To More Wealth?

Nothing in life is separate from source. Including money. Even though money is often experienced as shameful, taboo or materialistic in our culture, I believe that engaging with your finances can be a potent spiritual practice where you courageously face your current reality, overcome fear, and experience the power of your sacred attention.

If you practice yoga, meditation, martial arts, or prayer, you know that your thoughts, attention and intention have the power to create momentum, open doors and guide your reality toward fulfilling outcomes. 


“Whatever you put your attention on becomes energized. Whatever you take your attention away from dwindles.” 

― Depak Chopra.


Therefore, when you place your attention on your finances (that means witnessing your unconscious habits + patterns, creating + maintaining structures for tracking, budgeting, forecasting, saving, spending, investing etc.) you are feeding the growth of a thriving financial picture.


Money is energy.


And energy is always moving. Becoming conscious with your finances creates a solid container for more wealth to flow in. It naturally increases your motivation, focus, and integrity.


This is not an airy-fairy fantasy.


Here’s a story that shows how this principle works in a concrete way:

My client, Sara, began her work with me as a fledgling therapist, one year out of school. She didn’t have a clear system for tracking or forecasting her income, so she was in a constant state of anxiety, always wondering if she could afford the most basic purchases, or if she would have enough from one month to the next.

Together we created a model that made the numbers crystal clear. Every month she could predict her income based on her current client projections. And she could track her goals and see exactly what she needed to bring in each month to reach them.

As a result of this clarity, Sara realized she needed to open herself up to part time work that would be more consistent while she managed the expected ups and downs of starting a healing business.

Over the next few months, her part time work as a freelance writer, (writing was another passion of hers, which she hadn’t pursued) grew abundantly until she was making more income with her “side job” than as a therapist — and expending much less energy doing it.

This level of clarity allowed her to make the empowered decision to pursue her writing career full time, and make her therapy practice a fulfilling supplemental income channel. She writes many human-interest articles, so she is using the skills she cultivated in school.

Though Sara had NO IDEA what the outcome would be, when she began to place caring attention on her finances, she could watch her income grow and make choices to continue the growth confidently.

See? It’s a natural law. Wherever you place your attention and focus will grow.  And the path is different for everyone.


YOUR finances can grow in ways you haven’t even imagined yet!