Quiz: Masculine or Feminine Finance, Which One Do You Fall On?

When you know if you are more masculine or feminine in your approach to money, you can leverage both your gifts, as well as your challenges, to become more successful with visioning, budgeting, income-growing, decision-making, accomplishing goals and creating the experiences that are important to you. 

Wondering which you side you lean toward?

Take this quiz to find out!


1) When you have a vision in mind for your future that you’d like to see happen, do you:

A) Create a vision board by browsing magazines and clipping images that make you feel happy or speak to you in some way, and hang it in a place where you can be inspired on a regular basis as you invite and allow these experiences to come your way?

B) Write down a list of specific goals, strategic plans to get the goals accomplished, and keep track of your results on a regular basis?

2) You need to decide if it is in your best interest to purchase a house this year, or to continue renting.  To make this decision do you:

A) Look at homes that are for sale, as well as for rent, in your price range, and see if any of the places feel undeniably like your home.  You are open to whichever option appeals to your intuition and trust that the right decision will become clear as your explore your options?

B) Make a list of the possible long-term outcomes of either buying or renting.  Based on the numbers, you look at which decision will strategically lead you to accomplishing your specific 10-year financial goals?

3) Which system more closely resembles your approach to budgeting expenses?

A) You have an understanding of your monthly fixed expenses.  When it comes to spending in other areas, you realize that your needs will change from month to month, and trust yourself to be flexible and spend on what feels appropriate, as well as save what feels appropriate each month.

 B) You have a spreadsheet that includes budgets for each expense category and have implemented a system that automatically channels money into savings for identified goals, and any unexpected practical matters that may occur.


4) In general, you consider yourself more:

A) Spontaneous

B) Strategic


5) When you forecast your income, do you consider it:

A) An intention

B) A goal



If you picked mostly A’s —

You have more feminine tendencies when it comes to finances.  The feminine is intentional, intuitive, spontaneous, emotional, flexible, experienced-based and comfortable with what is unknown and intangible.


If you picked mostly B’s —

You have more masculine tendencies with your finances.  The masculine is goal-centric, loyal, strategic, practical, directional, focused, results-based, and more comfortable with what is tangible and known.


This doesn’t mean if you are a man, you should try converting to a total masculine approach if your tendencies are more feminine, or that there is anything wrong with being more feminine in your approach. The same goes for a woman who has more masculine tendencies. 

However, there are strategies to balance these tendencies out for a better rounded, integrated and successful experience with money.   The goal is not to become androgynous, but to embrace and cultivate your natural tendencies while strengthening the areas of weakness.