The First Step On The Road of Prosperity

Are you ready to experience abundance in all areas of life?  Are you longing to feel rich in the realms of time, money, health, energy, friendship, connection, and your relationship with the universe?

If you answered a loud, resounding “YES!” — I give you my most heartfelt kudos and congratulations!  That means you are ready to take the first step on what is likely to be the most challenging, enlivening, magical, and rewarding journey of your life.  The first step on this journey is:

Saying yes to the call to adventure


The call to adventure is the point in your life when you are first given notice that everything is going to change, whether you know how or not.  It is your soul’s incessant whispering, inviting, beckoning (maybe even nagging or shouting) that you live the life you are meant to live already!

Why say yes?  How is answering this call linked to actual prosperity, and not just a fantasy?  The answer is this:

It is much harder to create more time or money if you do not have a higher purpose.


My dear intrepid souls, I promise that you will loose your motivation, and lack the necessary ferocity, tenacity and grit required to be successful, if you do not have a very clear understanding of your souls deepest longing.

Your longing could be to serve, to change the world for the better, to express your creativity, to provide for your family, to experience independence and liberation — there are infinite possibilities.  Being clear about what this means for you, and saying yes to it, will support you and set in motion a chain of events that will require you to grow and overcome whatever limiting beliefs you hold in opposition to your spirit’s purpose, and propel you toward it in an thrilling way.

Always remember this: When you answer your call to adventure, you are more likely to attract more resources because the universe wants you to pursue the call to adventure. It is the universe, after all, that brought you into being in the first place.  When you align with your call, you will have the courage to take more risks and therefore invite success. With the invincibility of your spirit at the helm, you will realize for yourself that resources flow toward intentions of higher purpose.


I’ve got a secret to share:  What makes you truly feel wealthy is deeply knowing that you are on track with what you are here to do. 


Keep in mind that if you do not pay attention to your soul’s calling, your personal destiny, you could have all the resources in the world, but you will still have an experience of dissatisfaction — even pain— in your life.  No matter how much money or time you have.


So are you ready to answer your call to adventure?


You will need to know how to recognize the invitation, in order to RSVP with a bold, enthusiastic “I am so there.” 


Here are 5 ways to recognize your own personal call to adventure:

  1. The idea keeps pestering you.  You deny it and experience disbelief — yet it doesn’t stop.
  2. Fears and doubts arise. You call it a fantasy, but when you kick those thoughts aside, you see a glimmer of possibility for actualization.
  3. You have a wondrous curiosity about an area of life. Learning about it feeds you and never feels like work.
  4. The universe gives you synchronicities and signs that you are on the right track. You meet people who connect you to opportunities or advantageous collaboration.  You find the perfect office space that is exactly fitting in your budget.  Someone calls you out of the blue asking for your help on a project that fits in with your intention.  You meet a teacher or coach who gives you wisdom or experience that you need in order to move to the next level.
  5. You have no idea how you could possibly succeed. That’s why it’s an adventure! The thought of going for it feels exhilarating and definitely scary.

Of course, answering the call is a risk.  It absolutely will change your life in ways you never imagined.  Whether you win big, or loose big and try again, I know for sure that when you follow the path of your own adventure, you will feel truly alive with a deeper sense of prosperity.

In Grace,