'Tis The Season To Vision

“You never change things by fighting the
existing reality. To change something, build a
new model that makes the existing model

~ Buckminster Fuller

As the year draws to a close and a New Year approaches, it’s a potent time to prepare for a gear shift…. one that has more UMPH—and gives us movement toward the life we really want..

We have the opportunity to look back on the year behind us with eyes wide open, and look honestly at what worked and what didn’t.

What challenged you this year?

In what ways did you suffer around money and finances?

What did you wish you had but felt you did not have the resources?

While it’s important to be aware of the areas that did not feel progressive, prosperous and successful, we don’t need to dwell negatively on them—or feel stuck.  But only if we take responsibility and mine the gold from past mistakes and challenges, can we then let go of the shame, guilt or regret from the past.

Right now, we have the opportunity to not just “remedy” our challenges, but to create a vision for 2017 that overrides the challenges. In other words, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. Having a clear vision helps you create what you want the destiny of your finances to look like, instead of just living out a financial fate based upon your conditioning.

How exciting is that?!

The most effective model I have ever seen to take a vision and make it a reality is a Map of Intention. In this model, you set your intentions, plan your income, and clearly allocate spending and saving. When you have this degree of clarity with your finances, your map becomes the bridge that brings your more ethereal visions into the earthly plane in a practical, fun way.

A Map of Intention takes your vision and embeds it into the numbers. This dramatically increases your rate of success. I’ve seen it work again and again.

You can change your life. Your finances can support you in these changes.

I’ve tried so many visioning practices: setting goals, visualizations, affirmations, vision boards, prayer, ritual, vision quest. Trust me, I’ve explored them all. And the best results come when you combine a Map of Intention with other visioning practices. Watch out! It’s super potent!

I’d like to invite you to clarify your vision for 2017 and place the power of a Map of Intention behind it.

Without a road map of where you are going and the potential obstacles, how can you plan for an AMAZING adventure?  It would be like contacting a travel agency and saying, “I would like to plan a trip, but don’t know where I want to go”……or traveling to the middle of the desert without any water!

With a Vision and Map of Intention, you can put forth a money plan that aligns with inspiration, growth and adventure.  Then you can plan for the most incredible adventures life has to offer you.

Contact me to find out how to get started right away with your 2014 Map of Intention Action Plan Coaching Package.

When you give invest your attention in your Map of Intention, you will:

• Have a clear, inspired + heartfelt vision for 2017
• Translate that vision into goal statements that you can focus on daily
• Establish a daily visioning practice that is tailored for you individually.
• Know where your money is going
• Have clear financial goals that inspire you to work toward
• Know what to do when reality veers from your plan
• Have not just a vision but a real map to get you there. With mile markers to keep you on track.
• Know how to measure your progress so you can celebrate your success!
• Override your limiting beliefs

Join me in taking this bold step to create a new model that makes your existing model obsolete. May the adventures begin!