What Is Money?

Have you ever thought about what money is, really?

As money practitioners — brave adventurers who have chosen to say YES to an amazing relationship with money — it’s important that we know what money means. And what money means to us.

So let’s talk about it.

I’m going to share with you 3 ways to look at money from a priestess perspective. Feel into what resonates with you, and what new insights you can bring into your relationship with money.

Money is a form of exchange

On a fundamental level, money is a form of exchange. It’s something we’ve collectively agreed to as a way to trade value with one another.

Through this collective agreement, we have infused money with an implied value.

This is especially interesting to consider, given that money is less and less present in physical form and increasingly present in an electronic form.

We use this value to exchange goods and services, and to do so in a clear, organized, and relatable way.

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Before money was in its current form, we used things that were deemed valuable like gold, silver, and precious metals. The Mayans once used chocolate as a form of exchange because that’s what they had access to and because it was a prized, limited resource.

A currency can only exist when there’s a set limitation on it. The level of limitation creates the value. An endless supply doesn’t allow for value to exist. The limited amount creates a perception of value.

I once read a book on a group of people who lived on an island, and they deemed these huge stones an exchangeable resource. There were only so many of these stones, and they would put them in their yard. Whoever had really big stones in their yard showcased their wealth and fancy lifestyle!

Over time, as people began to travel off the island and as visitors came onto the island, the islanders realized they couldn’t use their currency because their stones were too massive to be moved around!

What they valued as an exchangeable resource had to change, because the outside world wasn’t valuing these stones the way they were.

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Ask yourself:

  • Have you ever considered the value that money holds? Why is it valuable to you personally? Does it give you access to more resources, more assets, more safety, more pleasure, more time? Does it grant you life experiences you desire? Why is money valuable to you?

Money is a form of energy

Another powerful and illuminating way to look at money, is to understand money as a form of energy.

And especially now that money is moving more into an electronic format, this holds truer than ever.

Money is a form of energy because it’s something we’ve infused value into, and also because it’s something we’ve infused our collective and personal beliefs into.

When we infuse our beliefs into anything, that entity begins to carry these beliefs.

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In that way, money is similar to technology. Technology is really influenced by our relationship to it.

Oftentimes, if someone has a lot of anxiety with technology, it responds adversely to them, or they may encounter a number of obstacles, glitches and roadblocks in their interactions with technology.

The same holds true for money. Because it has an energetic quality to it, it’s influenced by our beliefs.

So the principle is this: anything we infuse with our belief systems is going to respond to us, just like a person.

Ask yourself:

  • Have you ever thought about the beliefs you infuse into money? What about the beliefs that your family, or that our society infuses into money collectively? Do you believe that if you change your end of the relationship with money, it can respond differently?

Money is a sacred resource

Money is also a valuable resource, and one to be cherishing and respected because it’s what we have as the primary source of exchange on the planet.

Money is also what allows us to have clear agreements with each other.

Each of us has the opportunity to caretake our resources like they’re very sacred. We have the choice to hold money as sacred, and to relate with it in a conscious, respectful, and intentional way.

Ask yourself:

  • Can you think of 3 reasons why money is valuable and sacred to you?

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So there, you have it! Three ways to look at money in a new way. With greater respect, and with a greater understanding of the value money has as a sacred and powerful resource.

While many of us have grown up without a financial education, and often with an experience of lack around money, we have the opportunity to redefine our relationship with money. Money can be a powerful force to fuel the experiences we desire. And if we so choose, we can become stewards and leaders of doing money in in a new way, with far-reaching impact for ourselves, our communities, and the world as a whole.

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