5 Tips To Bring More Wealth + Intimacy Into Your Relationship

Let’s talk about what creates more intimacy + wealth in your financial partnership.

If you’re currently single, these principles apply to your relationship with yourself, as you prepare to meet your future partner.

I call these principles the 5 C’s of Financial Partnership.

The 5 C’s of Financial Partnership

1) Connection

This is your connection to each other, and your individual connection with money. Relationship is a dance, with natural cycles of expansion and contraction. Can you commit to staying connected through the cycles of your relationship?

2) Communication

Are you able to communicate your hopes, fears, desires, needs, mistakes and flaws with yourself and your partner? Saying what works and what doesn’t work for us makes space for actual potential to unfold. This level of transparent, authentic communication deepens intimacy in incredible ways.

3) Cleaning up the crumbs

This concept is about the areas where resentments build up in a relationship when left unaddressed. Where seeds fester, and eventually, a snowball effect is launched, and what may have started as a small issue now feels unresolvable. The alternative is to clean up the crumbs right away. Each partner takes responsibility to not let crumbles accumulate on the table.

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4) Courage

Taking risks is what allows us to have an expanded experience of what’s possible. Being a money warrior means you’re willing to take informed risks. While a risk requires facing some fear, our life can improve dramatically as a result. This is also the courage to face our money shadow and our deepest fears about money.

5) Compassion

Most of us have ingrained ideas from society and our conditioning environment on the standards we should be meeting with our finances. How much we should be earning, saving, spending etc. Yet, life never goes as planned. We each have a unique journey. Holding compassion for ourselves and each other allows us to course-correct with wisdom and self-love, instead of judgment, shame or guilt.

Which C resonates most with you? How do you feel inspired to take action to bring more of this principle into your relationship with yourself, your partner, and your money?

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