What Does A Priestess Have To Do With Finance?

When people first discover Priestess of Finance, there is typically a sense of curiosity or intrigue. They ask:

What is a Priestess?
And what does she have to do with finances?!

Today, I’m going to share with you how to understand the archetype of the Priestess, and better yet, how to bring her wisdom and power into your financial life, so you can reap many gifts and supportive tools on your hero’s journey with money.

I’ll also share with you a piece of my story on becoming the Priestess of Finance.

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Stewardship of Resources

In ancient times, Priestesses were in charge of managing money and resources. These were natural resources like food and water but also gems, jewels, gold, silver and coin. They did so with a lot of love, care and stewardship. As the resources were not just for themselves but rather the collective.

The Priestess understands that resources are tools to use in our life and to support our path. If we don’t take care of these resources and if we get out of balance or out of integrity with them, it can feel like they have power over us instead of us feeling masterful with them. Or they can convince us of the never ending trap for accumulating more.

The Priestess helps us navigate the honoring of resources, and how to implement a conscious, intentional way to leverage them for as much good as possible.

Resources are a gift to have and to work with, and it takes mindfulness, intention, prioritization and clarity to manage them in powerful ways that create the best experience with them. Whether they are in a place of ebb or a place of flow, it doesn't matter as much when there is a purpose and intention behind each expression.

Bridging The Spiritual World With The Material World

In essence, the Priestess is a bridge between the spiritual world and the material world. While being exclusively focused on the spiritual world can sometimes feel too ‘woo woo,’ existing only in the material world can make us feel consumed by it and become trapped in just trying to acquire and accumulate more and more.

The Priestess archetype teaches us to balance our ego’s relationship with finances, money, resources and the material world, with a spiritual perspective, so that we don’t operate from a place of fear and scarcity, but rather relate to resources from a place of honor and respect.

A Priestess, through challenging life lessons and/or working with mentors gains universal wisdom and knowledge. This knowledge can be applied in all areas of life, but because she is a bridge between the spiritual and material worlds, the domain of money is an important one. 

She translates universal laws into practical implementation.

She can bring the sacredness into the mundane — like working with a financial tracking system, creating a budget, or assessing the financial state of a company. This supports others to have a more connected, purposeful, and meaningful relationship to money in practical ways.

Bringing Light To The Darkness

A Priestess is masterful in navigating darkness, much like a black jaguar hunting at night. That is, she is skilled in working with the unconscious part of the mind. Maybe because of her own challenges, she has had to learn the nature of her own unconscious mind in order for things to work better in her own life.

The Priestess path you see does not usually come through a life of ease but typically through her life being more challenging than most. She is not willing to settle for mediocre experiences because she has touched the domain of the extraordinary. Therefore it can appear things don’t come easily, especially for those areas she is here to master. And through finding mastery not only does she gain insights to have incredible magical experiences in her life, she delivers these insights to the world at large.

This is partly how she is able to provide clarity where there is confusion or healing where unconscious patterns are happening, by using the gift of intuition to bring light to the darkness.

Learning how to navigate the darkness of our own money shadow and unconscious beliefs is vital for us to have access to transformation and to a new possibility with money. Going into the unknown and sometimes repressed aspects of ourselves requires courage, wisdom, and intuition.

A Priestess is a guiding light when it comes to very difficult decisions, circumstances and murky money matters.

Her intuition is a felt sense of possible future outcomes and she holds higher perspective to rise up to in order to see circumstances in a new light.

Intuition is fantastic for assessing all kinds of financial circumstances and especially when assessing anything that has to do with the future, like investing or big purchases. She also trains others on how to use their own intuition or inner financial compass.


The Priestess & Her Toolbox


The toolbox of a Priestess is essential. Her metaphysical toolbox can contain tools like tarot, astrology, numerology and the like. But because she is gifted in her ability to navigate the practical world there are many tools that can be applied to money matters. For example if someone is assessing buying a house, intention and vision can be valuable tools to get clear on the bigger vision of the home and all its qualities, along with the kind of experiences that person wants to have in the home. This can then direct the home search with far more clarity and potent action.

Important tools of the Priestess that yield a powerful financial life include working with financial visioning, intention, prayer, intuition, agency, gaining clarity and partnership with the cosmos.

Self-compassion Through Times of Growth

When we begin our journey of transformation in our relationship with money, we eventually come up against our money shadow. At this point in the process, we often come face to face with difficult feelings around money, primarily shame and guilt, but could also show up as confusion, chaos, overwhelm and resistance and unless we have support and tools, these can get numbed out through avoidance, shopping, using substances, eating, drinking and even using caffeine and then NEVER get resolved.

A Priestess can bring a lot of love to situations that may be really uncomfortable or even painful, especially when it comes to financial decisions made in the past where there may be regret, sadness, shame, guilt or anger. Like making a big purchase and putting it on debt, or having a failed investment or loaning a friend money and having it impact the friendship.

The Priestess carries a healing salve of compassion, love, and softness that can entirely change the experience of these so-called mistakes from the past and turn them into learning opportunities.

The Priestess carries a healing salve of compassion, love, and softness that can entirely change the experience of these so-called mistakes from the past and turn them into learning opportunities.

Finding The Fun & Magic In Our Financial Path

Sometimes we can feel discouraged or afraid with money. What if the relationship with money could be a passionate exploration of discovery and possibility? What if your experiences with money felt meaningful, magical, full of awe and grace? What if you experienced new levels of creativity and freedom as you grow financially?

This is what the Priestess reminds us of: how to work with everything in our lives, including money, in creative ways that bring us joy, excitement, and nourishment.

A Priestess is full of fun and magic.

Bringing the fun can look like adding colors to an otherwise boring spreadsheet or using a mindmap to flesh out a new vision for a goal.

And the magic can look like something as simple as seeing something from a different vantage point or setting income goals and watching them happen like clockwork.

Through fun and magic, the Priestess opens us to new pathways with money, and shows us that we can enjoy the journey on our way to the destination.

Becoming A Money Priestess

I have been living the story and journey of the Priestess, and it has gifted me with incredible challenges, initiations, and ultimately, my sacred vocation as a financial coach as Priestess of Finance.

Joetta Glastonbury

Throughout my life, I’ve continuously been presented with extraordinary challenging circumstances. Thinking back on the start of my journey, I couldn’t have imagined this level of adversity was my pathway of initiation into becoming a Money Priestess.

I left home at a very young age, relying on my boyfriend at the time to provide for me. When that relationship became rocky, I had nowhere to turn other than the universe for my security. I had no family, no friends, and no support system. Being forced to turn to the cosmos for a sense of safety and guidance was the start of an epic adventure and partnership.

This sort of thing happened over and over — finding myself relying on men or money as the source of my security. I discovered that neither can serve that role successfully since they’re not the ultimate source of security.

This pattern was a gift in disguise, eventually leading me to seek out higher levels of spiritual development, as I realized that would be the only way through the level of challenge I selected for myself in this life.

I soon became ordained as a High Priestess. I also went through extensive training with a Jedi-like master mentor. Opening to this level of support was what I needed to transform my circumstances into value for others.

I went from a painful bankruptcy at age 32, to facing my money shadow and finding the keys to conscious personal finance (to read more about my Money Story, click here).

Today I understand that one of the greatest blessings from living the Priestess path is that embracing challenges, no matter how great, has inspired me to rise into mastery.

The Priestess isn’t willing to settle for mediocre experiences because she has touched the domain of the extraordinary.

When things don’t come easily, we can open up to the perspective that we are being offered an opportunity to master what’s before us.

Through saying yes to mastering money, not only have I gained powerful insights and incredible, magical experiences in my life, I have the chance to deliver these insights to the world at large and support those who are ready for an extraordinary relationship with money.

Are you ready to say YES to an extraordinary relationship with money?