Trust & Money

When it comes to money matters, Tarot may not be a financial tool that comes to mind for most people. While it falls on the esoteric side of things, there is much we can learn in our relationship with money from this system.

Tarot uses archetypes as a helpful means to gain perspective on our financial circumstances, financial blocks and financial potential. Tarot helps us relate to our money story from a higher perspective.

Today, let’s have a look at the Fool and how it relates to our financial journey

Realizing our unexplored potential


The Fool is card zero in the Tarot, signaling unexplored potential, which in this case can be our financial potential.

The Fool is about new beginnings, and can give us the energy as well as the sense of excitement, wonder and awe needed to start down a new path.

As we head in a new direction, the Fool grants us the gifts of enthusiasm, creativity, momentum, and the power of a blank slate.

Think about this from the perspective of money. Maybe you’re launching a new business endeavor, maybe you’re starting your own business, maybe you’re considering a new investment, a new strategy to pay off debt, or maybe you’re just opening to a new relationship with money. The idea is, you’re choosing whether to take a step in a brand new direction, and how to go about it.

What the Fool tells us is that it takes a lot of risk to open to a new potential.

And therefore, we’re going to need courage and confidence, as well as spontaneity, curiosity, openness, and surrender to begin this new venture.

This element of openness is crucial: only when we open to a new possibility can we begin to perceive where our true potential lies.

Taking a leap of faith

Fool tarot priestess

The Fool invites us to take a leap of faith.

Dangling at the edge of the cliff, the Fool appears without a care. The small dog by his side barks to warn him of the cliff ahead and of the potential dangers.

Yet all he carries is his knapsack. Traveling light, the Fool shows us that as this point, when we set forth into something new, trust is paramount.

A rigid mind that holds on tight to its old beliefs will make finding our potential impossible, sabotaging it right off the bat.

If we carry all of our stale, outdated beliefs with us, we’ll be too encumbered and either we won’t make the jump, or we’ll come crashing down.

We have to jump to access this new possibility, to see what’s there. The jumping is the dropping of fear, worry and anxiety.

We may worry that there isn’t enough money or that there won’t be enough in the future. Are we going to be able to survive? Will we be able to make it? Will we be deprived of all our desires?

The way through is to make a partnership with the cosmos.

With this partnership in place, we can make the leap of faith, into the great abyss, and welcome what is unknown that lies ahead, trusting that the universe will catch us.

Nature Loves Courage

Discernment: the power of intuition

Yet, discernment is necessary.

So how do we discern whether it’s appropriate to jump off the cliff into the unknown?

On one hand, we may be genuinely hearing the call to adventure beckoning us into a new direction, and feel fully ready to say YES.

On the other hand, just as the dog shares a message of warning, the wisdom of this card asks us to double-check with our inner sense before making a decision.

For, beware, the shadow of the Fool is lack of discernment. When we’re too impulsive, naive or reckless with our money, we can actually bypass our intuition and the red flags it presents us with.

So practically, you can ask yourself:

  • Am I coming from a place of true intuition? Even though it’s scary for me to go into this unknown, do I feel called by my intuition to take the risk?

  • Or is a part of me being foolish or reckless, and ignoring my intuition that’s telling me something isn’t quite right?

  • Is my spending or this purchase that I want to make coming from a true gut sense, or from some other place? While I can rationalize anything that I want, is it in my highest and best interest in relationship to my larger financial goals?

  • Do I have clearly defined intentions with the financial decision at hand?

Am I appropriately challenging my limited beliefs and seizing an exciting opportunity, or am I not paying attention to the signals and red flags my life is giving me?

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