Financial Feng Shui

Here are 4 Ways to become a Financial Feng Shui master thus increasing your capacity for the flow of money and other valuable resources.


 1. Environment

The idea here is to set up your surroundings so they are aligned with the experience you want to have.  Do you want to feel clear, at peace, spacious and organized?  Then set up your desk or office to reflect that!  Make sure your bills are neatly organized; your paperwork filed in a clear way, and position your desk so it is near a window or beautiful piece of art.  You will feel more inspired to stay consistent with your financial practices in a nourishing way.

It is also helpful to determine where the wealth corner of your living space is.  You can do this by looking up the Bagua, which is a Feng Shui map.  In this corner, set up a shrine or alter to honor what you want money to symbolize in your life.  Place plants, water, symbols of prosperity (like coins, decorated dollar bills, or photos that feel abundant), as well as photos of any significant teachers you may have.  This helps your attention to coalesce in the awareness of your financial dealings as sacred, thus increasing the success and satisfaction of your endeavors. 

 2. Filing

It’s important to move information from your desk and into an organized filing system.  This will keep your desk space clear so more inspiration and opportunity can come through, as well as ensure whatever files you need will be available and easy to find when you need it.  Clutter in your environment clutters the mind and causes interference in the flow of ideas, inspiration and intuition.

You should have the following information easy to access at tax time.  Just setting up a system so you know you won’t have to waste your precious energy when the time comes will keep your most subtle attention focused on ways you can experience success and prosperity.

  • Business tax receipts

  • Bank statements

  • Credit Card statements

  • Wills and trusts

  • Investment and retirement information

  • Financial Agreements

  • Warranties and product information

3. Tracking

A good tracking system is essential so you don’t have to hold your cash flow information in your head.  When you clearly see the reality of your finances, you won’t make up stories about it in your head.  Thus your mind will be freed up for creative ideas and intuitive listening about ways to generate income.  Your ideas and intuitions are like gold; creativity, your most valuable resource.  If your mind is too cluttered trying to track your finances, you won’t have the energy available to access these types of insights.

Some helpful tracking tools are Mint, iBank, Quicken, Quickbooks and Excel.  If the thought of learning these systems feels daunting, ask for help.  It will feel empowering and liberating to achieve mastery in this area. 

4. Scheduling

To become a Financial Feng Shui master, you must first understand that time is energy.  When you organize your time to reflect your values, you will create a life rich in what matters most.

I recommend setting up a scheduling system that builds in appropriate amounts of space and cushion so you are on time for meetings and appointments.  Remember, the more you are in integrity with your agreements around time, the more open you will be to relationships that build abundance and opportunity.  If you meet with someone who is consistently late, rushing around, or forgetting to show up, how likely are you to refer that person?

4 Ways To Become A Financial Feng-Shui Master.png

 Here is a powerful infographic to download, print out, and keep near you — whether in your office or you financial vision board, to stay inspired and on track.

May your internal and external environment support you in an endless process of discovery, creation and success.